Dear Attorney-General's Department,

How do I get an end to this situation…

This situation is exceptional circumstances, Rome Statute Article 7, crimes against humanity, causing severe mental harm = Parental Alienation.

I see myself as the victim, because I believe this situation was unnecessary and unfair. Just because I can't have a relationship with my ex wife, doesn't mean I cannot have one with my children. I have never hurt the kids and I do not deserve such harsh consequences. I get by law, 6 x 2 hour supervisions a year, and one 30 minute phone call per week. The kids have been on an IVO for over 6 years and I have committed no crime. This IVO is an abuse of power, it is used to control me and I do not like it. It makes me sick that anyone would do this to a person they once said they loved. It is evil and I want it to end. If I had been charged with assault then yes, but I have never. This scenario is your attempt at pre-crime, the assumption, but in actual fact this IVO does the opposite, it creates risk, you are mentally damaging a person when they have yet to commit a crime. As far as I'm concerned I'm yet to commit a crime that validates such excessive consequences, I see it as excessive force and abuse of power. Life ban from my children for what? And for what crime? Now you are just starting to understand the damage you have created by doing this? I had no say, she has still not finished? You gave her everything she wanted and left me with nothing. 6 + years later we are here, I think when you look at the facts, then I have committed no actual crime that warrants this type of punishment. This type of Judicial misconduct cannot continue, Parental Alienation is real and this case is just that. We need a better way, this type of punishment destroyed me, it will not again. I want it over so I can have my life back.

The Welton Investigation is a comprehensive case study for review. How that review occurs is now up to you. As this case must be heard. It cannot continue as it causes me severe mental harm. You must stop this situation to allow me to move on with my life… it is a form of judicial abuse and it cannot continue unchanged… this situation cannot be ignored any longer.

Please realise I've already lost 6+ years of my life over this and I want it to end ASAP. I am an innocent man that had a mental health breakdown throughout this time. I told the court I was impaired, but that is not written anywhere in the reasons for judgement (Final orders)... just saying. This situation has destroyed me and now I'm going to finish Consequia… for my boys.

I now wait patiently for natural justice.

Yours faithfully,
Russell White

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Dear Attorney-General's Department,

The Welton Investigation is… a comprehensive case study of Parental Alienation. A new government, a new Federal Attorney General, and a new perspective.

This case Welton vs Welton is State (IVO) and Federal (Final orders), these orders are an abuse of power, because the power used is excessive. I get for life, due to the Final orders, no access to my children unsupervised. This type of punishment should be kept for extreme violence cases where there is actual violence recorded. In this case, there is no actual assault or child abuse, but I have been treated as such. This is a fact, this case is all based on the assumption of risk! This assumption is based on my mental health throughout court proceedings. For this breakdown I couldn't stop, I have now served 6 + years in torment, as the system holds my children to ransom. This trauma is a form of State and Federal imposed Parental Alienation, which causes severe mental harm. The State and Federal governments must use this situation as a case study of Parental Alienation. An independent investigation of this situation, because of exceptional circumstances. There is no actual crime committed, other than breaches of an IVO that should not exist. I have had the system used against me and it must end now amicably, there was never any need for this and it cannot be ignored any longer.

So I am requesting that the government now intervene and resolve this matter ASAP. Exceptional circumstances, Rome Statute, article 7, crimes against humanity, causing severe mental harm = Abuse of power = illness: Parental Alienation.

This matter, and others like it, cannot be resolved because of the stated abuse of power within the existing system, there needs to be an independent review, which is why I offer this case to the State and Federal Attorney Generals.

I have served a 6+ year sentence for crimes I have not committed. This pre-crime God like power mandate must end. There needs to be an open and transparent process, this system is broken and it must be replaced with a better set of rules and conditions. I state that our systems need significant improvements across the entire spectrum of the legal profession. This case is proof of abuse of power.

The only way I will get my life back is with Government intervention. This case needs to be reviewed, someone needs to step up and use this situation for what it is, another platform for positive change.

Also, you get to save an innocent man.

So will you open an independent investigation 🔎? and allow me to share my story?

Yours faithfully,

Mr Welton

Dear Attorney-General's Department,

The time has passed for your reply...

My requests are simple, I would like the case White vs White 2016 (Welton vs Welton 2018) FOI protected disclosure. This means the entire case, not just a few documents. This case is currently restricted by State and Federal Court imposed sanctions that are an abuse of power. Hidden by the Court system, this case now must be resolved, as it is a series of serious human rights violations under the Rome Statute. This abuse of power must have an end date, but it does not, hense why my actions are necessary.

The Welton Investigation is a comprehensive case study of Parental Alienation. Please use this unfortunate situation to investigate the issues raised.

Time. This situation has stolen over 6 years of my life, and I need it to end immediately, to reduce the risks of severe mental harm caused by abuse of power. An independent investigation approved by the Federal Attorney General into the judical corruption created by Justice Jillian Williams of the FCFCOA and the IVO process conducted by Magistrate Jan McLean of the RMC.

I have tried everything else to resolve this matter, unfortunately this is the last avenue for natural justice. A public forum where you cannot use the state and federal imposed sanctions to limit my freedom of speech.

I request immediate resolution and global FOI protected disclosure, as I have nothing to hide.

Please allocate me a case manager to discuss my unique case, so this situation can be resolved amicably ASAP?

Yours faithfully,

Mr Welton

Dear Attorney-General's Department,

I called the office today and I was told that due to the separation of power, that the Federal Attorney General will not intervene in this case.

But that is not the end, it is only the beginning. If you allow this type of injustice to continue, on your watch, then that is extremely unfortunate.

I am stating that I am a victim of the system, as such the sanctions imposed on me have to have an end date, otherwise it is unconstitutional and a series of severe human rights violations.

Regardless of the separation of power, I still find the Federal Attorney General to be the only person that can resolve this matter, as I have completed all the appeals and this case just keeps getting hidden by the system. That is why I state exceptional circumstances.

It is my understanding that the courts will be exempt from the NACC, if this is true, then only God can help us, as you are allowing a broken system to create genocide. No system can remain ungoverned, not if you are serious about these real human rights violations.

I want my life back ASAP, without these State and Federal imposed sanctions. Parental Alienation is real, I am the victim, I now request under the exceptional circumstances rule that an independent investigation into the matter be conducted. The separation of power has been used to hide serious human rights violations until now. I know I will eventually win, because I will not stop until the truth of this situation is protected disclosure.

This case is in breach of the Rome Statute, article 7, crimes against humanity, severe mental harm causing mass genocide, of a particular demographic = men.

I have committed no crime that validates such excessive consequences, as such this abuse of power must be acknowledged, as it is a severe human rights issue.

I state, until there is a NACC, then the only person that can help me, is in fact the Federal Attorney General. I understand that you are using the separation of power, but im stating that it is unconstitutional, because I've already used all avenues for justice. So I have no where to go but here, so I will continue until I recieve some form of natural justice.

I have compiled a database I call the Welton investigation, which proves, I have done everything humanly possible to get this situation resolved, unfortunately for me, no Judge will go against another, so all appeals have been dismissed without my side of this story told. The legal system of this country cannot remain ungoverned, this case is proof of abuse of power.

If you continue to ignore me, you will leave me no other option than to create steps for protected disclosure, where I will place all these documents. Rule 121 does not apply, as this is used to limit free speech and you're using State and Federal sanctions that are constitutionally unlawful, hense why the Australian laws are in breach of the Rome Statute.

I want all sanctions imposed on me removed ASAP, so I can tell my side of this story, at no time have I had the opportunity, its all been one way traffic, with the narrative that I am some type of monster. Which couldn't be further from the truth.

If you continue to not intervene, then I will have to continue to make steps, to continue my fight for natural justice. Once again, I am a victim of the system and it is the system that is broken. My condition is this situation, as soon as this situation ends, the sooner I can recover. Just leaving me in mental torment so you can protect the integrity of your systems is not an option.

You have no right to allow such sanctions on an individual without an end date. I will fight this to its very end. Your role puts these people in power, then you are not accountable for thier actions, that is very convenient, but this case proves otherwise. Which is why I will not stop until the Federal Attorney General opens up an investigation into this matter.

You have to understand that these sanctions actually kill people, at the very least it is a constant tangent that causes severe mental harm. This genocide created by these sanctions is excessive force and an abuse of power.

My name is Russell White and I declare that I intend to have my side of the story told, as to stop these types of situations occurring in the future, as I believe my situation to have been avoidable. With no violence or abuse ever recorded against me, I state that this abuse of power must have an end date. I'm sure the rest of our country will agree, so I have nothing to hide.

So, because the courts are hiding this case, I state that someone needs to be responsible. The separation between powers must now come to an end, as this situation must be resolved. By leaving me in the system you are creating unnecessary risk and the deterioration of my condition, my illness is this situation, so it must have an end date, because it does not, that is why I am here. I state and know that I am the true victim of this situation.

So I am the victim of a controlling woman, that you enabled with sanctions against me. There are 3 sides to each story, mine has not been told, as it has been hidden by the Australian legal system until now.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

This situation is insanity. You have created it with your sanctions against me. You create the laws and put Judges in place, but then deny accountability. 🤔 This void where the innocent reside cannot continue unchanged any longer.

Once again, you cannot ignore this case, it requires the Federal Attorney General to open up an independent investigation into Parental Alienation, that is state and federal sanctions, which have no end date?

As this case is based on my mental health, as I have committed no crime that validates 6+ years of sanctions, with no end date, I expect that to cure my illness, you will now act.

I have a mental health team at Wonthaggi (Dr Lowy). I am going to convince them to help me resolve this matter, by directing them to you. This situation causes me severe mental harm and the best I get is we don't interfere, but this case demands it.

You cannot to continue to operate the Australian legal system without a system to govern complaints, as the existing system just hides it, as this case proves, which is why I am asking for Federal Attorney General approval for protect disclosure.

I will never give up, so what's next, as this situation needs to be addressed by you, as it needs to end ASAP. No more Kangaroo court, you create the legislation, you put these people in place ungoverned, now this case and its outcome resides with you.

As there is no other option for natural justice? That's why these actions are mandatory 💯.

I am an innocent person who has been persecuted. I now request under the exceptional circumstances rule of international law an independent investigation into this matter.

I was set up from the beginning, from the 4th of October 2016 till now, the true victim of this situation is in fact me. I want my life back, with all sanctions imposed on me removed ASAP.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Welton

Dear Attorney-General's Department,

Today I went to Ringwood Magistrates Court and the IVO was contested. After today's directions hearing, it has gone to trial, adjourned until October 2023. This is nearly a year to do a few pages of paperwork, this is an absolute disgrace. I have told you that my current time impacts my mental health, you just extended my mental health condition for a further year. Then you complain, stating that I am a risk? Then you use the system against me, over and over again. I state, I want all State and Federal sanctions imposed on me removed ASAP, not in another year. And that's just State Court, this is also a Federal matter where those sanctions supersede State Court. This situation is exceptional circumstances and it must be resolved through the process we are just about to create.

Please open an independent review of the case White vs White 2016 (Welton vs Welton 2018), or the Welton investigation.

I have a huge database of evidence, so I will upload it to USB, or I can send you a link to download?

This case is the case that's stops the separation of power.

I have all the evidence to prove that everything I have stated is true. Now under the international standards of the Rome Statute, we have a case study of state and federal imposed Parental Alienation, to be used to solve these avoidable issues occurring in the future.

If you continue to use the separation of power excuse, then I will just continue to create a pathway of protected disclosure, where I will eventually be able to share my information and not be restricted by IVO, Final Orders and section 121 of the Family Law Act of 1975. I will seek international attention through the ICC, where I will get them to reopen my case.

Im not going to suffer in mental torment for another year, while you allow such systems to operate with impunity. I want to tell my side of the story, so I am seeking protected disclosure in Australia 🇦🇺. This is where you come in, I want approval from you, so that I can tell my side of events. This information is detrimental to the existing system of governance.

So what to do next? Because I'm not going away.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Welton