The Welton investigation

This request has been withdrawn by the person who made it. There may be an explanation in the correspondence below.

Dear National Mental Health Commission,

White vs White 2016 (Welton vs Welton 2018) or the Welton investigation. This is a family law matter, in both state and federal jurisdictions.

My name is Russell White and this is my story.

This entire situation has a drastic impact towards my health, so much so, that I see myself as a victim of Parental alienation. Which is a theorized process through which a child becomes estranged from one parent as the result of the psychological manipulation of another parent. Each day I suffer needlessly, as there is no reason for these restrictions to continue. The breach where I went to jail, was me begging her to end this situation, she said it made her scared. I went to jail for the best part of 90 days. The truth is there is no actual violence recorded against me, it's all theorized. So how does one find himself in such a situation, well I can tell you. I took myself to the hospital on the 5th of October 2016, after the incident of the 4th of October, where the kids were unlawfully removed from my brother's care, by my former father in law. The children were added to the IVO in November 2016. Since then, she has been relentless in my persecution. Her parents paid for the best lawyers and I had nothing. I self represented in a mental illness state, where I was impaired. I stated this, but know one wanted to know why I was sick. The truth is this idea of mine called Consequia was the cause of a lot of our issues. I couldn't develop Consequia because all the financial decisions were made by [....]. This was the real reason I got sick. Working too hard, too much pressure, the failure of what I felt compelled to do. she was the boss, it was easier to do as you're told, but can the beautiful victim also be a perpetrator, well yes she can. She is using the system to control me and after 19 years together, plus the last 6, I would like it to finally end. A life not being controlled by my ex wife, who once told me that she would control me in separation. That is exactly what has occurred, which is exactly why it must end. Under the circumstances, I am still affected each day by this situation and I need it to end. I need it gone so I can create my Consequia idea 💡, which will improve the future. But most importantly I need to be able to build a relationship with my children. This is a real story of a man who has been set up by the system using an IVO. The consequences are severe, the severe mental harm caused is a crime against humanity (Rome Statute, article 7), caused by abuse of power, this case is exceptional circumstances, because of the deficiencies in this process. If you remove the IVO, then I can start to recover from this control, which is in fact my illness. This restriction has a very negative impact towards my health in general. I would like a fresh start, after my sentence (which is a prison sentence, a prison in your mind) I would like to get more access to the boys with all controls removed. We need mediators to communicate with [....], or how else am I to get better access to our children. If it was up to her, I'd never see them again. Once again for the record, I was set up from the beginning, but for my guilt I have now served my sentence, no more IVO and the other matter of final orders will be addressed by the NACC. Where it is proposed that this may be the first case to be reviewed. I am asking the court for mercy in this matter, the punishment has gone on long enough, this entire situation has a drastic impact towards my mental health. I see the 5 year sentence I received as excessive, when challenged in 2019, it was thrown out of court because of Justice Jillian Williams. I have been fighting for justice for years and without government intervention, these issues are just compounding and it is affecting my health. We need the NACC and a set of rules and regulations on family law sentencing, only extreme violence cases should make this level. There is a huge difference between actual violence and the many other laws around what constitutes family violence. Without any violence committed I seek mercy from the court, because of the exceptional circumstances rule of international law, I believe the FCC sentencing exceeds to the rule of law abuse of power. I have been in contact with the State and Federal Attorney Generals, also the Chief Justice of the FCFCOA to review this case. Out of my control, she has requested a permanent IVO extension for which I strongly disagree. This perceived risk is only that, perceived, I have hurt no one, why such harsh consequences? It is time for the court to tell her to grow up and attempt to create something meaningful for the children and their father, rather than doing whatever she can to destroy my life. The control on the children must be removed, so I can move towards unsupervised visitation in the future. The court cannot allow my ex wife to control me in separation any longer. It is a crime against humanity that causes me severe mental harm. To cure my illness, this situation needs to be addressed ASAP. I have done everything asked of me in way of treatment and such, but the truth is these restrictions are the root cause. They impact my ability to live, it is like living in a nightmare from which there is no escape, it's cruel and unnecessary to say the least. I just want some resemblance of what it is like to live again.
Just for clarification:
Abuse of power
Exceptional circumstances
Rome Statute Article 7, Crimes against Humanity = severe mental harm
I am proposing the start of a movement of where we create a new system, where many improvements can be made. I personally believe that we need to look at helping people more than destroying them. I needed help, got destroyed by the system, while I was attempting to make an alternative system of governance (Consequia). My intentions are pure and noble, I need help to get Consequia developed, in the future I will even pay off her mortgage, I just need it to stop. All of it, no more, I have had enough, this whole situation is distressing to say the least. Only resolution, let us build a better understanding of mental illness, before using it to crucify a man that was clearly in need of help. We need a minister for men and better services. Early intervention is key. Also legal aid, I am requesting the judge approve legal aid for FCA legal proceedings. As these orders supersede the IVO.
I come to the court today to get some reminisce of natural justice as I believe the excessive law that's used against me is just that, excessive. I feel like the victim, even if you state otherwise. I have blame for sure, but in truth I never stood a chance. There was a point where Justice Jillian Williams looked at me and she stated I know what you're trying to do… to this day I still have no idea what she is talking about. She never told me, just more bias and prejudice. She stated I needed help at one point, the trial should have stopped then. So many what ifs, but in the end, it was easier for the court to persecute me, because I had a breakdown. No one should go through this process if avoidable in any way. It is not recommended, it is a criminal sentence that affects the mind, it is like a constant tangent that you cannot get rid off. In any case, this situation needs to end and I hope it ends ASAP. So I can finally start to live again.

As far as I'm concerned, I've done my time, more than and I would Iike my children back ASAP.

The above was an email to the Ringwood Magistrates Court.

This IVO process has recently been delayed until October 2023.

Please search this platform for the Welton investigation, as there are several requests to assist in resolving this matter.

For your consideration.

Russell White

Yours faithfully,

Mr Welton.

Dear National Mental Health Commission,

Duplicate request.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Welton