Total amount of money spent on private lawyers

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Dear Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet,

Please provide information regarding the amount of money spent on private law firms representing the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet during the following periods:

- 2014-2015 Financial year
- 2015-2016 Financial year
- 2016-2017 Financial year
- 2017-2018 Financial year
- 2018-2019 Financial year
- 2019-2020 Financial year
- 2020-2021 Financial year

Yours faithfully,


FOIDPC (DPC), Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet

Dear James,

Thank you for your request under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) (the Act) to the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Section 17(2A) of the Act requires that an application fee of $30.60 accompanies a request for access to documents. Payment can be via the FOI online portal at

The application fee may be waived in circumstances of hardship. If you wish to seek waiver of the fee, you will need to provide evidence of hardship, such as a current healthcare or pension card.

Please note, your request will not be considered valid and will therefore not be processed until payment or application for waiver is received and approved.

Kind regards,


Brenna Steel |  Senior Freedom of Information and Privacy Officer |  Office of the General Counsel
Department of Premier and Cabinet  |  Level 2, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne Victoria 3002

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