Value for Money ex-post assessment for PPPs

Jose Oliveros made this Freedom of Information request to Infrastructure Australia

The request was refused by Infrastructure Australia.

From: Jose Oliveros


Dear Infrastructure Australia,

This email constitutes an application for documents to be released under the Freedom of Information Act.

I need to request a copy of the reports called "ex post value for money assessment" which were notified of their existence in the academic article "How To Attain Value for Money:
Comparing PPP and Traditional Infrastructure Public Procurement" by Philippe Burger and Ian Hawkesworth. In this article it is stated that Australia make ex-post value for money assessment of all PPP projects.(page 109, OECD journal on budgeting). I request the list of the PPP projects' current status and the reports of the ex-post evaluations.

Yours faithfully,


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From: COPP Adam

Adam Copp
Director – Communications & Engagement

P + 61 2 8114 1912  |  0402 401 609
E [email address]
GPO Box 5417  |  Sydney NSW 2001

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From: COPP Adam

COPP Adam would like to recall the message, "Freedom of Information request - Value for Money ex-post assessment for PPPs [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]".

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From: COPP Adam

Dear Jose

Freedom of Information Request no. FOI 15_08

I refer to your request for access to documents relating to "Value for Money ex-post assessment for PPPs" under the Freedom of Information Act 1982. I have taken your request to be for:

- Copies of reports of "Value for money ex-post assessments for PPPs".

We received your request on 29 July 2016 and the 30 day statutory period for processing your request commenced from the day after that date. You should therefore expect a decision from us by 30 August 2016. The period of 30 days may be extended if we need to consult third parties or for other reasons. We will advise you if this happens.

You will be notified of any charges in relation to your request as soon as possible, before we process any requested documents or impose a final charge.

Please note that information released under the FOI Act may later be published online on our disclosure log at subject to certain exceptions. (For example, personal information will not be published where this would be unreasonable.)

We will contact you using the email address and phone number you provided. Please advise if you would prefer us to use an alternative means of contact. If you have any questions, please contact us at this email address.

Yours sincerely

Freedom of Information Officer

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From: IA FOI

Dear Jose,

Infrastructure Australia has conducted searches and enquiries for the documents referred to in your request, and has been unable to identify any documents as described in your request. Under section 24A Freedom of Information Act, Infrastructure Australia refuses your request below on the basis that no documents held by Infrastructure Australia as described in your request exist. Please note that the correct reference for your request is FOI 16-01.

You may be able to obtain further assistance with your enquiries from Adam Copp, a member of IA’s Communications team, who can be contacted on the number below or the above email address.

Yours faithfully
FOI Coordinator
Infrastructure Australia

P + 61 2 8114 1900
GPO Box 5417  |  Sydney NSW 2001

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