Water quality data for the Lower Hawkesbury Estuary

Raymond Luo made this Government Information (Public Access) request to Water NSW

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Dear Water NSW,

I am a high school student at the Normanhurst Boys High school, who is conducting a senior geographic project on the water quality for the Lower Hawkesbury Estuary.

Could you please provide me with water quality data for the Lower Hawkesbury Estuary, for the period of 2008 - to the most recent data? The focused areas located between Cheero Point and Brooklyn inclusive. Could you please provide the data in a spreadsheet format like Excel?

If this data is already available to public, I'd really appreciate a link to it. Thanks for your support.

Yours faithfully,

Raymond Luo

Dear Water NSW,

Re: Request Water quality data for the Lower Hawkesbury Estuary

I am writing to withdraw above request, as my deadline for this work is by the end of June, which could not meet the time-frame outlined here.

Yours faithfully,