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FOI 22/23-0922
Standard Operating Procedure 
For Internal Use Only 
2.2.1 Download and save a copy of the CSN Referral for Assessment Form with the 
Participant’s First Name and Surname, including the date you are completing Form using the 
File Name: CSN Referral Form_ FirstName_Surname_DD.MM.YYYY.    
2.2.2 Open the MS Excel Referral Form using the Desktop App.  The Referral Form cannot be 
completed using the MS Teams Web App.  
2.2.3 Complete all Sections of the Referral Form and ensure all checkboxes are ticked 
according to circumstance and presenting complexity.    
2.2.4 Once you have completed the Referral Form, Upload to the participant record as an 
inbound document using the Inbound Document Header: CSN Referral 
2.2.5 Create and Assign the CSN Assessment Request Interaction to the CR SDP Return to 
 CRM Inbox. Leave the interaction status as open
2.3  Interaction for CSN Referral for Assessment 
2.3.1  Refer to Complex Support Needs Branch for Assessment 
Category 1: Specialised 
Category 2: Complex Support Needs 
Category 3: CSN Assessment Required 
Channel: Internal Notes 
Status: Open 
Assign to the Team Responsible: CR SDP Return to CSN 
Referral submitted by [Login ID] 
Assessment requested for participant that may require the additional support of the Complex 
Support Needs Pathway. The CSN Referral for assessment has been reviewed by a Senior 
Planner, Team Leader or EL1 to confirm the Participant meets the pre-requisites for entry to 
the Complex Pathway [LOGIN ID of Approver (where applicable)] 
Information and evidence to support the Participant Suitability for Entry to CSN is attached to 
the Participant record as inbound document: 
CSN Referral Form_FirstName_Surname_DD.MM.YYYY 
2.4  CSN Operations Assess Participant Suitability for CSN 
V10.0 2023-08-07 SOP - Referral to the Complex Support Needs Branch V10.0 – Refer to 
Complex Pathway 
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FOI 22/23-0922
Standard Operating Procedure 
For Internal Use Only 
CSN Operations Team receives the referral through the CRM Interaction aligned to the CR 
SDP Return to CSN
 CRM Inbox.  CSN Operations complete the Suitability Assessment 
Checker for suitability to enter CSN and advise the referrer of the outcome within five 
business days

The CSN Suitability Checker will be completed within one business day of the referral 
interaction if an escalated or urgent circumstance referral has been undertaken for the 
participant at a Director or above level (Area Manager level or above for Partners in the 
Community).  An escalated or urgent circumstance referral is categorised as Extreme under 
the Escalation Prioritisation Matrix. An escalation request can be via email to the CSN 
Operations team at 
The CSN Referral Interaction is acknowledged by CSN Operations and the Referral for 
Assessment Interaction
 is updated by the assigned CSN Operations Team Member.   
Once the CSN Suitability Checker is completed, CSN Operations upload the Form as an 
inbound document in the System under the Document Title: CSNP Suitability Checker 
A new open interaction is created by CSN Operations and assigned to the Referrer with the 
outcome of the CSN Assessment.  
•  If the participant does not meet suitability for CSN, the participant will remain in their 
current pathway and Planning will continue with National Delivery or Partner in the 
•  If the participant is suitable for CSN, the CSN Operations Team will update the 
participant’s stream to Complex. The CSN Branch will take over the planning process 
when a CSN Planner is aligned to the participant.  
•  If the participant enters CSN from an escalation or urgent circumstance request, 
the CSN Branch may organise a warm handover with the staff familiar with the 
participant’s circumstances prior to taking over the planning process.  
Note: The streaming value Complex is only for use by the CSN Branch and the decision to 
give a participant the streaming value of Complex can only be made by CSN Operations 
2.5  Reviewing a Suitability Decision 
If you are not satisfied with the CSN Suitability Assessment Outcome and would like to discuss 
the decision, please send an email to advising the participant’s name and 
NDIS number. A CSN Operations team member will contact you to discuss the outcome within 
two business days.  
V10.0 2023-08-07 SOP - Referral to the Complex Support Needs Branch V10.0 – Refer to 
Complex Pathway 
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FOI 22/23-0922
Standard Operating Procedure 
For Internal Use Only 
3. Related procedures or resources 
•  Escalation Prioritisation Matrix 
•  Standard Operating Procedure - Complete the CSN Referral Form 
•  CSN Referral for Assessment Form 
•  Practice Guide - Positive Behaviour Support and Behaviours of Concern 
•  Work Instructions - How to refer a participant to CSN through PACE 
4. Feedback 
If you have any feedback about this Standard Operating Procedure, please email 
V10.0 2023-08-07 SOP - Referral to the Complex Support Needs Branch V10.0 – Refer to 
Complex Pathway 
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