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Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2015 22:56:04 +1100
Subject: Freedom of Information request - Corporate plan and evaluation plan
From: "P. Gale" <>
To: FOI requests at SRDC <>

Dear FOI Officer,

I have gotten copies of the Corporate Plan and Evaluation Plan from the web-site of couple of departments but was not able to find the same documents on the web-site of your department.

I request access under administrative arrangements, if possible, to your department's Corporate Plan and Evaluation Plan. I also request access to any departmental guidelines or recommendations about how programs should be evaluated and what behavioral measures should be used.

If you can't give access under administrative arrangements please tell me but please don't treat this request as an FOI request at this stage.

Thank you.

P. Gale (Mrs)
November 19th, 2015.


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