This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Information related to Right to Know'.

FA 15/12/01765 
Attachment B
FOI Request
I refer to your request to access your personal records. 
I note that you have submitted your request to access these documents using the Right to Know website 
and as a result documents released to you would be accessible to the public. For this reason you may wish 
to consider whether you would prefer to provide an alternate email and/or an address to which the 
Department can correspond with you.  
Please note that currently your request has not been registered as valid. I will outline the reasons for this 
below, I also invite you to contact the Department through another email address. 
Requirements of the Act 
The requirements for a valid FOI request are set out in section 15(2) of the FOI Act, which provides that: 
The request must: 
(a)  be in writing; and 
(aa) state that the request is an application for the purposes of this Act; and 
(b) provide such information concerning the document as is reasonably necessary to enable a 
responsible officer of the agency, or the Minister, to identify it; and 
(c) give details of how notices under this Act may be sent to the applicant (for example, by 
providing an electronic address to which notices may be sent by electronic communication). 
I am not satisfied that the web address you have provided meets the requirement of ‘details of how notices 
under the FOI Act may be sent to the applicant’ (s.15(2)(c) of the FOI Act). Rather, the address you have 
provided appears to be an address for publication of correspondence on the internet.  
For your information the release of personal information to the individual concerned is not released by this 
Department for publication. This is in accordance with s.11C(1)(a) of the FOI Act. 
Next steps 
Please consider how you would like to continue to correspond with the Department. You may advise the 
Department of your contact details by writing to Please provide this advice by close of 
business [three business days]
 The request will then be validated. 
If you have not provided confirmation by that time, the request will be closed as invalid. 
Further information on how to submit and FOI Request to the Department can found in the Departments 
form 424A, Request for access to documents. 
Yours sincerely