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ABS Census and Finance's role
ANAO  report on immigration detention and Finance’s role
CBMS-R - Central Budget Management System Redevelopment
Budget Key Aggregates and Headline Facts including 2015-16 FBO
Higher Education
Legislation - Implementation of the Government’s Budget and MYEFO Measures 
PBO’s 2016 election commitment report 
School Funding from 2018
Sydney Institute Speech 
Welfare Reform
Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd - Inland Rail Market Testing
ASC Future Directions
ASC - Workplace Matters
ASIC Registry – Competitive Tender Process
Future of Australian Hearing
DHA reform 
Canberra Office and National Divestment Program
Lodge – Independent Review
Malabar Headland
NBN – National Broadband Network
National Property Efficiency Program including Coordinated Procurement - Tetris
Villawood Immigration Detention Facility
Department of Finance Annual Report 2015-16
Electronic Work Environment
One Canberra Avenue
Shared Services – Machinery  of Government Changes
Accounting Standard AASB 124 Related Party Disclosures
Commonwealth Public Sector Staffing Levels
Consolidated Financial Statements – Valuation of Specialist Military Equipment
Contestability and Functional and Efficiency Reviews
Final Budget Outcome
Future Fund and Unfunded Superannuation Liability 
Streamlining Government Grants Administration
ICT Projects Dashboard and Digital Transformation