This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Reports and systems information for Centrelink debt management 107-02060000'.

If not delivered return to PO Box 7820 Canberra BC ACT 2610 
2 February 2017 
Our reference:  LEX 25123 
Mr Brett Rann 
By email:  
Dear Mr Rann,  
Your Freedom of Information request 
I refer to your request dated 9 January 2017 and received by the Department of Human 
Services (the department) on the same date, for access under the Freedom of Information 
Act 1982 
(the FOI Act) to the following documents:  
'All documents contained within the file "Reports and systems information for 
Centrelink debt management 107-02060000".  
Your request involves too much work for the department  
Your request covers a wide range of documents. We are asking you to revise your request to 
give us more specific details about the information you are after because of the amount of 
work involved for the department.  
If you decide not to make any revisions I will have to refuse your FOI request as a 'practical 
refusal reason' exists.  
For a more detailed explanation of what this means see Attachment A
How to send us a 'revised request' 
Before I make a final decision on your request, you can narrow the size of your original 
request and submit a revised request.  
Within the next 14-days you must do one of the following, in writing:  
•  withdraw the request 
•  make a revised request, or 
•  tell us that you do not want to revise your request.  
If you do not contact us during the 14 day consultation period, we will assume you do not 
want to continue with your request. See Attachment A for relevant sections of the FOI Act. 
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If you decide to make a revised request you should be more specific about what documents 
you actually want. This could help the department find the documents in less time and use 
fewer resources to process them. 
Note: You may want to access the department's online services at to immediately find some of the information and documents 
included in your original request. 
At Attachment B is a form which you can use to revise your request in writing. We have 
30 days to give you a decision about your request, however the time taken to consult with 
you now is not included in this 30 day time period. 
Contact officer 
I am the contact officer for your request. During the consultation period you are welcome to 
ask for my help in revising your request and filling out the form. You can contact me: 
•  in writing to the address at the top of this letter 
•  via email to 
Note: When you contact us please quote the reference number FOI LEX 25123
Your response will be expected by 16 February 2017If no response is received, your matter 
will be taken as withdrawn. 
Further assistance 
If you have any questions please email  
Yours sincerely 
Authorised FOI Decision Maker 
Freedom of Information Team 
FOI and Litigation Branch | Legal Services Division  
Department of Human Services 
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Department of Human Services 

Attachment A 
What I took into account 

Because of the amount of work involved for the department, under sections 24AA and 24of 
the FOI Act I intend to refuse your FOI request as a 'practical refusal reason' exists. Under 
the Act, the practical refusal reason is that processing your request 'would substantially and 
unreasonably divert the resources' of this agency.  
To process your request the department would have to do extensive searches to find and 
process the documents you asked for. We have more than 10 files within the file that you 
have requested. Each file contains approximately 300 pages.   
Based on my experience with the type and volume of records you want, I estimate it would 
take more than 280 hours in processing time. This includes looking at all the documents to 
see if any of the pages might need redactions - that is, possibly blacking out some content, 
for example, where there is private information about another person or information relating 
to certain operations of the agency.  
Amount of time to process your request 
I have calculated the number of hours it would take to process your request in full. 
Search for and retrieve documents 
15.75 hours 
Examine pages for decision making at an average of 5 minutes 
250 hours 
per page 
Time of five minutes per page for about 3000 pages needing 
16.67  hours 
Write statement of reasons for decision 
6.00  hours 
Less first five hours of decision making 
283.42 hours 
Relevant sections of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 
Section 24AA(1)(a)(i) of the FOI Act provides that a practical refusal reason exists in relation 
to a FOI request if the work involved in processing the request would substantially and 
unreasonably divert the resources of the department from its other operations.   
Section 24AA(2) of the FOI Act sets out certain factors which the department must consider 
when determining whether providing access in relation to a request would substantially and 
unreasonably divert the department's resources. The department must specifically have 
regard to the resources that would have to be used for:  
•  identifying, locating or collating the documents within the department's filing system;  
•  deciding whether to grant, refuse or defer access to a document to which the request 
relates, or to grant access to an edited copy of such a document, including resources 
that would have to be used for examining the document or consulting in relation to the 
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Department of Human Services 

•  making a copy, or an edited copy, of the document, and 
•  notifying any interim or final decision on the request.  
Section 24AB(7) of the FOI Act provides that the request is taken to have been withdrawn at 
the end of the consultation period if: 
•  the applicant does not consult the contact person during the consultation period in 
accordance with the notice, or 
•  the applicant does not do one of the things mentioned in subsection (6) before the 
end of the consultation period. 
Section 24AB(6) says that the applicant must, before the end of the consultation period, do 
one of the following, by written notice to the agency or Minister: 
•  withdraw the request, 
•  make a revised request, or 
•  indicate that the applicant does not wish to revise the request. 
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Department of Human Services 

If not delivered return to PO Box 7820 Canberra BC ACT 2610 
Attachment B 
(Section 24AB of the FOI Act) 
NOTE: You do not have to fill out every part of this form. However, providing as 
much detail as possible could help to reduce the amount of work involved for the 
department to process your request. 

Mr Brett Rann, Right to Know 
FOI LEX number  
Initial request 
All documents contained within the file "Reports and systems 
information for Centrelink debt management 107-02060000". 
I, Brett Rann, Right to Know would like to revise my current FOI request.   
1.   I would like to limit the time period of documents to: 
□  A specific date:    
______ / ______ / ________ ; 
[day]  [month]   [year] 
□  A specific year:   
________ ; or 
□  The date range from:   ____ / _____ / _____  to  ____ / _____ / _____ 
[day]  [month]  [year]        [day]  [month]  [year] 
2.  My request relates to documents  for (tick boxes and insert numbers  that apply to 
Card no:  
Child Support 
CRS Australia 
Ref no:  
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3.  Select which of the following documents you are requesting: 
Debt related documents 
□  My debt calculation documents for debt  reference: ____________________ 
□  A summary of my debt repayments for debt reference: _________________ 
□  Debt explanation documents for debt reference: ______________________ 
□  Other debt related documents (provide a description of these 
Medical related documents 
□  Copies of medical documents about me, including medical assessment 
reports (for example, Job Capacity Assessment reports) 
□  Medical documents related to my claim for ___________________________ 
□  My personal Medical Benefit Scheme (MBS) History  
□  My personal Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) History  
(Note: Your PBS and MBS history are available through your online account. 
They can also be requested without a formal FOI request. See Question 5 
□  Other Medicare documents (provide a description of these 
Child support related documents  
□  My letters of assessment 
□  My call recordings (provide a description of the calls you want):____________ 
□  Other (provide a description of these documents): 
Other/general documents  
□  Documents about my contact with the department 
□  My Online Document Recording (Note: These are electronic documents on a 
customer's record where department staff record customer contact, 
conversations and actions) 

□  Other (provide a comprehensive description of the documents you need)  
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Department of Human Services 

4.  Please provide any extra information to assist us to identify the documents. 
Name of the document (if known): ______________________________________ 
Reference/file number (if known): ______________________________________ 
Extra information : 
If you need more space, attach a separate page with details. 
We can provide some documents to you without an FOI request.   
5.  If your request can be completed without a formal FOI request, do you want us to 
send the documents this way?     
□  Yes 
□  No 
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Department of Human Services 

By post to: 
Attention:  LEX 25123 
FOI Team 
Department of Human Services 
PO Box 7820 
Make sure you add the reference number FOI LEX 25123. 

Email to: 
Make sure you add the reference number FOI LEX 25123. u do not have to 
include your signature in your email.  
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Department of Human Services