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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2017 08:38:44 +0000
Subject: HPRM: Freedom of Information request - Increases to pay point amounts in your new 2016 Enterprise Agreement
From: Mathew Smith <>
To: Freedom of Information <>

Dear Department of Industry, Innovation and Science,

On the surface, it appears that the new Enterprise Agreement that has been voted into place last year does not comply with the Workplace Bargaining Policy 2015, with regards to:
14. Existing pay scales are not to be modified to provide for new top pay points, removal of existing pay points, or other mechanisms to accelerate salary advancement.

It appears that your department's new EA removed the lowest salary pay point and replaced it with a new highest salary pay point at each APS level.

To this end, could you please provide those correspondences between your bargaining representatives and the APSC that document the discussion surrounding this pay point increase, and any other supporting documentation that explains how the removal of the lowest pay points and the introduction of new higher pay points was brought into line with the Workplace Bargaining Policy 2015.

Yours faithfully,

Mathew Smith


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