This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Record of Consultations Undertaken with CFO Group for assessing production of requested financial transactional information'.

Reference: Objective ID R31523164 
I refer to the application by Ms Verity Pane, Right to Know, under the Freedom of 
Information Act 1982 (FOI Act), for access to: 
“…Item 1: Records of consultation, or advice sought (or any other similar activity) by 
Defence FOI Information Management and Access Governance and Reform Division 
employees with Defence CFO Group employees regarding the ability or inability to 
produce the financial records sought by Right to Know FOI Request
1958 (the revised scope - a summary report of all ROMAN related travel account codes, 
by total transactional value, by month, for 2016/17)  
Item 2: Records of consultation, or advise sought, involving Defence CFO Group 
employees for the production of transactional and/or summary reports from 
ROMAN/CMS to provide to the Australian National Audit Office for Performance Audit 
No.33 of 2015–16 "Defence’s Management of Credit and other Transaction Cards" 
[Note, to avoid all doubt, the actual transactions themselves are not sought, just records 
relating to the technical production of said transactional/summary reports from 
Defence's financial information management systems such as ROMAN/CMS …” 

excluding personal email addresses, signatures, PMKeys numbers and mobile telephone 
numbers, contained in documents that fall within the scope of the FOI request. In 
addition, excluding duplicates of documents 

FOI decision maker 
I am the accredited officer pursuant to section 23 of the FOI Act to make a decision on 
this FOI request. 
Documents identified 
I identified 2 documents as matching the description of the request.  
I have decided to: 
a.  refuse access to Item 1 of the request under subparagraph 
24A(1)(b)(ii)[Requests may be refused if documents cannot be found, do not 
exist or have not been received] of the FOI Act;  
b.  partially release one document in accordance with section 22 [access to edited 
copies with exempt or irrelevant matter deleted] of the FOI Act, on the grounds 
that the deleted material is considered exempt under section 7 [exemption of 
certain persons and bodies];  
c.  refuse access to documents for Item 2 of the request under section 7 of the FOI 
Act; and 

d.  remove irrelevant material as referred to in the scope of the request in 
accordance with section 22(1)(b)(ii) of the FOI Act. 
Material taken into account 
In making my decision, I had regard to: 
a.  the terms of the request; 
b.  the content of the identified documents in issue; 
c.  relevant provisions in the FOI Act;  
d.  the Guidelines published by the Office of the Australian Information 
Commissioner under section 93A of the FOI Act (the Guidelines); and 
e.  advice received from the Chief Finance Officer Group.  
Reasons for decision  
Section 24A – Requests may be refused if documents cannot be found, do not exist or 
have not been received  

Section 24A(1) of the FOI Act states: 
an agency or Minister may refuse a request for access to a document 

all reasonable steps have been taken to find the document; and  
the agency or Minister is satisfied that the document: 
is in the agency’s or Minister’s possession but 
cannot be found; or  

does not exist. 
Officers within the Information Access Directorate undertook searches in the Objective 
folder created for the FOI Inquiry matching the scope of Item 1 of this request. While a 
number of documents were found relating to the management of the case there were no 
documents from the Information Access Directorate to the Chief Finance Officer Group.   
The Information Access Directorate did not approach the Chief Finance Officer Group 
as Defence does not perform the function of reporting on ministerial travel and therefore does 
not hold the information requested by the applicant.  
Based on the above, I am satisfied that no documents could be located that meet the 
scope of Item 1. In addition, I am satisfied that all reasonable steps have been taken to locate 
the documents that may have matched Item 1. Accordingly I have decided to refuse access to 
Item 1 under section 24A(1) of the FOI Act.   
Section 7 – Exemption of certain persons or bodies 
10.  The Chief Finance Officer Group undertook searches for documents matching Item 2 of 
the request and located two emails. Both emails contained information from the Australian 
National Audit Office. Section 7(1) of the FOI Act (supplemented by Schedule 2, Part I) lists 
agencies that are exempt from the operation of the Act. This includes the Auditor-General. 
One of these emails was exempt in its entirety under section 7 of the FOI Act. The remaining 
email has been released with the exempt material removed.  

Further Information  
11.  One of the documents matching the scope of this request contained a dissemination 
limiting marker.  As the document is approved for public release the marker has been struck 
Digitally signed by nicola.viney 
Date: 2017.10.03 
16:41:30 +11'00'
Ms Nicola Viney 
Accredited Decision Maker 
Associate Secretary Group