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Freedom of Information request  - FOI request in relation to Tarneit station
Adam Beames   to: FOI requests at PTV
03/02/2018 06:57 PM
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Dear Public Transport Victoria,
Dear Public Transport Victoria,
Can I please get access to the following documents under the FOI Act?
1) Documents relating to illegal parking (specifically cars parking on the
shared pedestrian/bike paths) at Tarneit station for the period between 
1/2/2017 - 3/2/2018.
2) Documents stating that PTV staff are not allowed to take complaints,
feedback, provide their name, or assist in incidents involving a member of 
the public.
3) Documents stating that PTV staff have no duty of care for members of
the public using their services.
4) CCTV footage between 09:10 and 09:30 showing a cyclist being forced off
the bike path in front of a bus after turning into the station 
off Derrimutt Road on 2 February 2018.
5) Documents relating to which organisation is responsible for maintaining
the access roads and shared paths.
Please treat this as a formal FOI request not an administrative request.
Yours faithfully,
Adam Beames
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