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Mr Adam Beames 
Transmitted by e-mail: [FOI #4354 email] 
Dear Mr Beames 
Freedom of Information request for documents in relation to illegal parking at Tarneit 
Railway Station, PTV  staff duty-of-care and complaint handling, CCTV footage 
between 9:10-9:30am of a cyclist forced off a bike path, and maintenance of access 
I refer to your Freedom of Information (FOI) request relating to the above. 
A search of PTV records was conducted by the Corporate Services Division, Governance 
and Legal Branch, Franchise Operator Management Division, and Customer Service 
Division. I have been provided with copies of documents relevant to your request. 
I have assessed the relevant documents under the provisions of the Freedom of Information 
Act 1982
 (the Act) and determined to grant you partial access as summarised in the 
schedule of documents attached. 
On 23 February 2018, you confirmed by e-mail that you were not seeking access to the 
names and personal contact details of individuals as part of your request. This information 
has been redacted as not relevant to your request pursuant to section 25 of the Act. 
Item 1 
Under section 19 of the Act, an agency is permitted to produce a written document 
containing the information requested in discrete form through the use of a computer to 
retrieve electronically stored information. 
A document itemising the complaints received through the PTV Call Centre and PTV 
Customer Complaints and Feedback webpage was prepared in response to your request 
(see document 1). 
Information in document 2 that is not relevant to the scope of your request has been 
redacted under section 25 of the Act. 
Item 2 
No documents relevant to this item was identified. 

Item 3 
No documents relevant to this item was identified. 
Item 4 
As advised in my e-mail dated 13 February 2018 and the e-mail from the CCTV Analyst on 
the same date, you will need to submit a FOI request to the Department of Economic 
Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (quoting reference number 60550) in order to 
access any potential CCTV footage of the incident.  
PTV is not responsible for managing or compiling any CCTV footage from the public 
transport network. 
Item 5 
Document 3 illustrates the VicTrack lease boundaries for the land around Tarneit Railway 
The yellow shaded area of land bounded by the purple line has been leased to V/Line Pty 
Ltd (ACN 087 425 269) for the purposes of operating regional rail passenger services. 
The Regional Infrastructure Head Lease and Regional Infrastructure Lease (document 4) 
stipulates the rights and obligations of the parties in relation to the leased land. These 
documents are publicly available as described in the schedule of documents. 
I have decided to waive any copying and search charges under section 22 of the Act on the 
basis of financial hardship. Please see attached documents to which you have been 
provided access.  
Review rights 
If you are not satisfied with this decision, you may seek a review by the Office of the 
Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC) within 28 days of receipt of this letter. 
Applications for review should be made in writing and directed to: 
Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner 
PO Box 24274 
Melbourne Victoria 3001 
If you have any queries regarding the processing of your request please contact me. 
Yours sincerely 
Freedom of Information Officer 
Public Transport Victoria 
13 / MAR / 2018 
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