This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'FOI request in relation to Tarneit station'.

Schedule of documents  
Freedom of Information request number: 18-23683 
Access decision 

Record of complaints / feedback regarding illegal parking at Tarneit Railway Station 
Release in full 

Internal e-mails and Network Development Partnership documents regarding illegal parking at 
Release in part, not relevant 
Tarneit Railway Station 
information redacted under 
section 25 

PTV Pass Assets – Map of VicTrack lease boundaries at Tarneit Railway Station 
Release in full 

Regional Infrastructure Lease (RIL) and Regional Infrastructure Head Lease (RIHL) – 
Publicly available 
Conformed public copies available 
To access these documents, go to  
1.  On the left hand panel, select “Contracts”, “Search” 
2.  In the “Partial Contract Number” field, type DOT V-Line 
3.  Click the “Search for Contracts” button 
4.  Refer to the relevant lease document of interest 
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