This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Systems integrator panel for WPIT'.

If not delivered return to PO Box 7820 Canberra BC ACT 2610 
7 March 2018 
Our reference:  LEX 34976 
Mr David Brown 
Only by email: [FOI #4380 email]  
Dear Mr Brown  
Freedom of Information Request - Charges 
I refer to your request, dated 16 February 2018, and received by the Department of Human 
Services (department) on that same date, for access under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 
(FOI Act) to the following: 
'…all the documents published on AusTender website under RFT 1000401959 in relation to the 
Systems integrator panel for the WPIT program. The RFT was issued on 1 August 2016.' 
Preliminary Assessment of the Charge  
I am advised that the department has identified 37 documents (totalling 400 pages) relevant to your 
In accordance with section 29 of the FOI Act, I have decided that you are liable to pay a charge for 
the processing of your request.  My preliminary assessment of that charge is $465.55, calculated as 
Search and retrieval time: 2.77 hours, at $15.00 per hour: 
Decision-making time (*after deduction of 5 hours): 21.20 hours, 
at $20.00 per hour 
*The FOI Act provides that the first five hours of decision-making time are free of charge and this is reflected in the 
Please note that payment of the charge does not guarantee access to documents, in full or in part. 
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Required Action  
If you would like the department to continue processing your request, you must notify the 
department in writing within 30 days of receiving this notice that you: 
a)  agree to pay the charge; 
b)  wish to contend that the charge: 
i)  has been wrongly assessed; or 
ii)  should be reduced or not imposed; or 
iii)  both; or 
c)  withdraw the request. 
If you do not provide a written response in accordance with one of the above options within 30 days 
of receiving this notice, your request will be taken to have been withdrawn under section 29(2) of 
the FOI Act. 
Alternatively, you may wish to refine the scope of your FOI request.  If you would like to discuss this 
please contact me for assistance. 
Further information on options a), b) and c) is set out below.   
Option a) - pay the charge 
As the charge exceeds $25, you are required to pay a deposit of $116.39 within 30 days of 
receiving this notice. You may, of course, elect to pay the charge in full at this point. 
You may select from one of the following payment methods: 
  Online payment via Government EasyPay - follow this link and enter the relevant details. 
You will need your FOI LEX reference number, LEX 34976;  
  Cheque made out to the Collector of Public Monies and posted to Freedom of Information, 
Department of Human Services, PO BOX 7820, Canberra BC, ACT 2610; or  
  Money order made out to the Collector of Public Monies and posted to Freedom of 
Information, Department of Human Services, PO BOX 7820, Canberra BC, ACT 2610. 
If you elect to pay the charge, please email [email address] to advise us of 
your payment. Please quote reference number LEX 34976 in this correspondence.  
Option b) - seek reduction or non-imposition of the charge 
You may contend that the charge has been wrongly assessed, or should be reduced or not 
imposed.  Section 29(5) of the FOI Act provides that, in deciding whether to reduce or not to impose 
a charge, the decision-maker must take into account any relevant reasons, including whether 
payment of the charge, or part of it, would cause you financial hardship, and whether the giving of 
access to the documents is in the general public interest or in the interest of a substantial section of 
the public. 
If you wish to contend that the charge has been wrongly assessed, or should be reduced or not 
imposed, please set out your reasons and the evidence in support of your reasons as clearly as 
possible.  If you believe that payment of the charge would cause you financial hardship, please 
provide sufficient details of your financial circumstances to enable the decision-maker to make a 
well-informed decision in this regard. 
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Department of Human Services 

Option c) - withdraw your request 
If you wish to withdraw your request, you may do so in writing. 
Time limits for processing your request  

Section 31 of the FOI Act provides that where a notice is sent to an applicant regarding the payment 
of a charge in respect of a request, the time limit for processing the request is suspended from the 
date the notice is received until either: 
a)  the day following payment of the charge (in full or the required deposit); or 
b)  if applicable, the day following the notification to the applicant of a decision not to impose the 
Further assistance 
If you have any questions please email [email address]. 
Yours sincerely 
Authorised FOI Decision Maker 
Freedom of Information Team 
FOI and Litigation Branch Legal Services Division 
Department of Human Services 
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Department of Human Services