This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Police callouts to 51 Knight st, Withers WA'.

Please provide as much information as possible to enable the identification of relevant 
If you are seeking access to a document(s) on behalf of another person, the agency will 
require authorisation from that person, usually in writing. 
Your valid application will be processed as soon as possible (and, in any case, within 45 
days) after it is received. 
The Freedom of Information Act 1992 is available for purchase from the State Government 
Bookshop, 815 Hay Street, Perth (phone (08) 9222 8216) or download via the State Law 
Publisher website ( 
Further information can be obtained from WA Police FOI by calling (08) 6229 5900. 
Forms of Access 
You may request access to documents in many ways including by inspection or requesting a 
copy of a document.  Other methods of access are available.  To discuss these, please call 
(08) 6229 5900.   
Where WA Police are unable to grant access in the form requested, access may be given in 
another form. 
Fees and Charges 

No fees or charges are applicable for an access application for personal information about 
the applicant. 
An application fee of $30 is applicable in every instance for applications for non-personal 
No fees are applicable for an internal or external review. 
WA Police FOI may seek charges for postage, special arrangements for access or for 
specialised access such as reproductions. 
Charges may be waived or reduced if the applicant is impecunious. Evidence to substantiate 
this claim must always be provided.  
Lodgement of Applications 
Applications may be lodged – 
By post: 
In person: 
FOI Coordinator 
FOI Coordinator 
Information Release Centre 
Information Release Centre 
WA Police 
WA Police 
Locked Bag 20 
Westralia Square 
Perth Business Centre WA 6849 
Level 5, 141 St Georges Terrace 
PERTH WA 6000 

Police Freedom of Information Application 
Freedom of Information Request 
(Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act 1992) 
Applicant/Client Details 
Surname ___________________________ Given Names ___________________________ 
Australian Address __________________________________________________________ 
Daytime Contact Number ___________________ Mobile ___________________________ 
Agent Name and Contact Details (if applicable)  
Details of Request  
Personal documents (no application fee and will only contain personal information about 
the applicant).  
Non – personal documents ($30 application fee and associated charges and may, subject 
to the Act and/or consultation, contain information regarding third parties).  The application 
fee of $30.00 is required at the time of applying and can be made either by cheque or 
money order made payable to the Commissioner of Police. 
Please describe clearly the documents you are requesting access to (include dates, location, 
subject matter or any other information that would enable the requested documents to be 
identified). Please specify actual documents rather than entire files. You may also choose 
to provide the reason for access (optional).  This may assist in the identification of relevant 

Please complete the following details relevant to your request, if applicable: 
Incident Report Number     _______________________________________________________________ 
If Road Traffic Crash - Crash File Number  _______________________________________________ 
Date of Incident     _____________________ 
Location of Incident  _____________________________________________________________________ 
Form of Access (Please tick the appropriate boxes) 
I require a copy of the document(s)  Yes          No   
I require access in another form       Yes          No    
Please specify ___________________________________________________________________________ 
Proof of ID is required before any documentation is released. This can be in the form 
of a Driver’s Licence, Passport or Centrelink document if you have no other form of ID. 
If an agent is acting on behalf of their client, a signed and dated statement of authority must 
be included with the application. 
Fees and Charges – Non-Personal Applications 
Attached is my application fee of $30. I understand that if my application relates to a large file, 
I may be required to pay additional applicable charges.  If applicable, I will be notified and 
provided with an estimate of all additional charges and given the opportunity to adjust the 
scope of my application to reduce charges.  
In certain circumstances a reduction of additional charges may apply.  If you consider you are 
entitled to a reduction of charges, please submit a request with copies of documents that 
substantiate your claim.  For further information, please refer to the notes on fees and charges 
on page one. 
I am requesting a reduction in additional charges   Yes         No 
 (Additional charges only relate to large files) 
Reason _________________________________________________________________________________ 
Applicant’s Signature __________________________________________________________________ 
Date ____/____ /_______ 
Office Use Only   Receipt No: _____________   Date of Receipt ____/____ /_______