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FOI Document #1

FOI Document #1

FOI Document #1

FOI Document #2
China Visa Application Check List 
The  following  checks  have  been  completed  through  research  performed  by  Crown 
personnel. This has been completed in an effort to give the processing officer greater 
insight into Crowns’ level of support and knowledge behind the applicant. 
Passport Name:                         
Passport Number:               

Employment Details: 
  Employment confirmed by our staff name                              through onsite visit to 
applicant office in            /            /              . Take the photo by date of                     
  Internet search (legitimate)   
  Company owner or Legal representive 
  Employment confirmed through successfully contacting applicant at his office 
using telephone directory for ascertaining companies phone number. 
  Position held at the company confirmed as a result of contacting applicant at the 
company using title only through company directory. 
  Staff at company confirmed employment, however, applicant was not in the office 
at time of call. 
  Not employed, as applicant is financially dependant on spouse or de-facto partner. 
  Unable to confirm employment details. 
  Others :    ___________________________________ 
PHONE: 852- 2918 9966        FAX: 852-2918 1033 

FOI Document #2
Financial Details: 
Bank Accounts: 
  Original / Copy Bank statement sighted to confirm accuracy and authenticity. 
  Original / Copy property ownership certificate sighted to confirm authenticity. 
  Original / Copy financial documents sighted to confirm authenticity. 
Bank statement:    ______________________________________________ 
Fixed Deposit:      ______________________________________________ 
Credit card statement: ___________________________________________ 
  Motor Vehicle Receipt 
Company Accounts:  
  Search company information from Administrator for Industry and Commerce 
government website to confirm authenticity. 
  Employment contract or tax return sighted to confirm authenticity. 
  Original Company registration documents sighted to confirm authenticity. 
  Other / All documents were copies only, as submitted in his/her application. 
Family Details: 
  Spouse is to remain in China. 
  Child/children are to remain in China. 
  Applicant has child currently studying or immigrated to Australia. It is one of the 
purposes to visit Australia. 
  Spouse and/or children live overseas in _______________________. 
PHONE: 852- 2918 9966        FAX: 852-2918 1033 

FOI Document #2
Relationship to Crown:   
  Applicant has been known to Crown personal in some form for    ____Years. 
  Applicant has been to Crown Melbourne Perth Burswood                    times. 
  Applicant is traveling to Crown for the first time, however, is traveling with a group 
of friends who have previously been to Crown and shown that they are genuine 
tourists. This is a reliable group traveling with strong credentials. 
  Applicant has been introduced to Crown by a third party and is unknown to Crown. 
  Passport landing records show that applicant went to the country which has casino.   
  Background checks completed with other casino properties that would indicate that 
the applicants intended visit to Australia is genuine.   
  Crown believes that the applicants intended visit to Australia is genuine and that the 
application is bona-fide. 
  Crown was not in a position to make necessary application checks or research the 
applicants' background to a reasonable extent.    Process as normal. 
  Applicant is unknown to Crown, therefore Crown is acting in the capacity of been a 
courier only for the application. 
Level of Crown Support: 
  Crown fully supports this application, and an e-mail will be sent from s. 47F(1)
 to the consulate stipulating such. 
  Through Crowns research on the applicant it is considered reasonable to conclude 
that there is justification to offer support for the application to a comfortable 
  Crown does not support this application in any manner and it should be processed 
at the consulates discretion only. 
PHONE: 852- 2918 9966        FAX: 852-2918 1033 

FOI Document #2
Additional Commnts: 
I hereby declare that the information provided in this document is true and correct. 
Signed by Crown representative with business card attached.       
PHONE: 852- 2918 9966        FAX: 852-2918 1033 

FOI Document #3

FOI Document #3
Thank you
President International Marketing
Crown Resorts Limited


FOI Document #4
o   Ceased arrangements include those with:
s. 22(1)(a)(ii)

FOI Document #4
Peta Dunn
First Assistant Secretary, Immigration Programs Division
Immigration and Settlement Services Group
Department of Home Affairs
P: (02) s22(1)(a)(ii)
 M: s22(1)(a)(ii)
E: s22(1)(a)(ii)
PROTECTED, Sensitive
This document may contain ‘personal identifiers’ and ‘personal information’
as defined under the Migration Act 1958 or Australian Citizenship Act 2007,
and can only be used for purposes under these Acts.
This document may contain ‘personal identifiers’ and ‘personal information’
as defined under the Migration Act 1958 or Australian Citizenship Act 2007,
and can only be used for purposes under these Acts.
PROTECTED, Sensitive
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