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Ben Fairless
Freedom of Information request - Operational Information - Debts
Tuesday, 5 November 2019 12:07:48 AM
Dear Department of Human Services,
Hope you’re doing well. A number of the documents contained on the operational blueprint are flagged as
potentially exempt, however I think these should be released under the Information Publication Scheme.
The documents I’m interested in are:
107-01000000General information about debts
107-02000000Identifying and investigating Centrelink debts
107-02010000Identifying a Centrelink debt
107-02010010Defining excess payment, legally recoverable debt and finalised no debt
107-02010020Australian Taxation Office (ATO) identity fraud and debts
107-02020000Types of Centrelink debts and how they are generated
107-02020010Debts resulting from internal transfers and clearances
107-02020020Investigating the source and cause of the debt
107-02020030Actioning negative adjustments on the Assessment Results (AR) screen
107-02020040Create a new debt record manually on the Debt Management and Information System (DMIS)
107-02020050Creating a new institution debt record on the Debt Management and Information System (DMIS)
107-02020060Creating a new organisation debt record on the Debt Management and Information System
107-02030000Identifying and managing debt activities on the Centrelink system
107-02030020Locating debts in the Debt Management and Information System (DMIS)
107-02030030Viewing and updating Interest Charge (IC) via Financial Customer Care in Customer First
107-02040000Investigating Centrelink debts
107-02040010Gathering and substantiating information when investigating debts
107-02040020Acceptable documents for verifying income when investigating debts
107-02040030Investigating administrative or computer error debts for Social Security payments
107-02050000Overview of Centrelink debts and recovery processing
107-02050010Debt recovery information for non Debt Management Officers
107-02050020Inter-environment transfer of debts
107-02050030Debt ownership
107-02050040Debts and nominees
107-02060000Reports and systems information for Centrelink debt management
107-02060010Overview of the Debt Management and Information System (DMIS)
107-02060020Debt Management and Information System (DMIS) screens
107-02060030ESSentials/Debt Management and Information System (DMIS) interface
107-02060040Internal systems interface with the Debt Management and Information System (DMIS)
107-02060050Debt Management and Information System (DMIS) reports
107-02060060The Performance Measurement report in the Debt Management and Information System (DMIS)
107-02060070Management Information Reports Facility (MIRF) debt reports
107-03000000Calculating Centrelink entitlements when investigating debts
107-03010000Determining the start day of entitlements
107-03010010Using the correct date of effect when raising debts
107-03010020The order in which income affects payment components when calculating debts
107-03020000Using Centrelink debt calculators
107-03020010Earnings Apportionment Tool (EAT)
107-03020020Using ADEX to explain a system generated debt
107-03020030Using the MultiCal debt calculator
107-03020040Payment Details Download Sheet (PS Tool)
107-03030000Manually calculating Centrelink entitlements
107-03040000Perpetual Centrelink Calendar
107-04000000Raising Centrelink debts and advising the customer
107-04010000General procedures for raising Centrelink debts
107-04010010Completing the Debt Determination and Submission (SS312) form

107-04010030Sending Account Payable letters
107-04010040Actioning an undetermined debt on the Debt Management and Information System (DMIS)
107-04010050Modifying account details on undetermined and determined debts raised in the Debt Management
and Information System (DMIS)
107-04010060Setting up manual reviews in the Debt Management and Information System (DMIS)
107-04010070Quality On Line (QOL) checklist for debt activities
107-04010080Deleted debts
107-04010090Debts raised over duplicate, multiple or intertwined Customer Reference Numbers (CRN)
107-04010100Requesting refunds from third parties
107-04010110Requesting refunds and raising debts for payments made after death of customer
107-04010120Raising debts for deceased customers for payments received prior to death
107-04010130Recalled payments not received by the department
107-04020000Raising Social Security debts
107-04020010Raising Subsection 1223(1) debts arising before 1 July 2001
107-04020020Raising Subsection 1223(1) debts
107-04020030Raising Subsection 1223(2A) duplicate instalment debts (pre 1 July 2001)
107-04020040Raising original and replacement cheque debts
107-04020050Raising Subsection 1223(5) debts caused by the grant of an incorrect rate (pre 1 July 2001)
107-04020060Raising subsection 1223(7) debts for non-income/assets tested rate components
107-04020070Raising Subsection 1223AA debts for prepayments, including prison release payments, Crisis
Payment (CrP) and Anticipated Payment
107-04020080Raising debts resulting from a failure to provide Tax File Numbers (TFNs)
107-04020090Telephone Allowance (TAL) debts
107-04020100Raising Subsection 1223(1C) debts for Carer Payment (CP)
107-04020110Raising Subsection 1223(7A) debts for Gap Supplement (Parenting Payment)
107-04020120Raising subsection 1223A debts for commutation of asset-test exempt income streams contrary to
subsection 9A(2), 9B(2) or 9BA (2)
107-04020130Contravention Debts (failure to notify) under the Social Security Act 1991
107-04020140Raising Section 1224AB debts where more than one person has joint and several liabilities for a
107-04020150Raising Education Entry Payment (EdEP) debts
107-04020160Section 1224C debts raised under the Data-Matching Program (Assistance and Tax) Act
107-04020170Calculating an overpayment affected by an International Agreement
107-04020180Raising Pension Bonus Scheme (PBS) debts
107-04020190Raising Seniors Concession Allowance (SCA) debts
107-04020200Raising debts for One-off Payments to Older Australians
107-04020210Raising Pension Supplement debts
107-04020220Raising Seniors Supplement Payment debts
107-04020230Raising of Social Security debts due to linking of same-sex partner
107-04030000Raising debts of advance payments
107-04040000Comparable foreign payment lump sum arrears debts
107-04040020Finalising embargoes - action for International Services (CIS)
107-04040050Non-standard recovery for debts arising from Foreign Pension Data Exchange
107-04040060New Zealand Agreement outgoing embargo – action for International Services (CIS)
107-04060000Family assistance debts
107-04070000Paid Parental Leave scheme debts
107-04070010Parental Leave Pay (PPL) debt raising and recovery
107-04070020Apportioning Parental Leave Pay (PPL) debts between employers and employees
107-04070030Dad and Partner Pay (DAP) debt raising and recovery
107-04070060Double dipping of Double Orphan Pension (DOP)
107-04080000Raising debts for family assistance, Double Orphan Pension (DOP) and Assistance for Isolated
Children (AIC) payments
107-04080010Duplicate instalments of Family Assistance payments
107-04080020Family Assistance advance debts
107-04080040Debts arising from Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) stay orders
107-04080050Person other than payee obtaining a Family Assistance cheque payment
107-04080060Raising Parental Income Test (PIT) debts for Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC) Scheme
107-04080070Maternity Allowance (MAT) and Maternity Immunisation Allowance (MIA) debts (from 01 July
2000 to 01 July 2004)
107-04080080Raising Baby Bonus (BBY) debts after 1 January 2009
107-04080100Effect of bankruptcy on family assistance overpayments

107-04090000Raising overpayments arising from Family Tax Benefit (FTB) reconciliation
107-04090010Family Tax Benefit (FTB) reconciliation debts where actual income was used
107-04090020Overpayments where estimated income details were used in reconciliation
107-04090040Re-reconciliation Family Tax Benefit (FTB) overpayments
107-04090050Explaining Family Tax Benefit (FTB) reconciliation overpayments
107-04090060Family Tax Benefit (FTB) and Child Care Benefit (CCB) debts for the 2000-2001 income year
107-04090070Family assistance re-reconciliation advice Q418 (including statement of recoverable amount)
107-04090090Qualification debt identified in FTB reconciliation result or when completing activity that
triggers FTB reconciliation
107-04100000Raising Child Care debts prior to 2 July 2018
107-04100010Childcare Assistance debts prior to 1 July 2000
107-04100020Child Care Benefit (CCB) overpayments arising from reconciliation and lump sum claims
107-04110000Manual Follow-ups (MFU) for family assistance reconciliation recovery
107-04110060Shared care or student child income debts 2000-01 raised prior to reconciliation
107-04110070Manually waiving family assistance reconciliation debts where there is no Manual Follow-up
(MFU) activity
107-04120000Raising and attribution of Service Update debts
107-04130000Raising Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA) debts
107-04130010Raising debts associated with civil and criminal action
107-05000000Recovery and non recovery of Centrelink debts
107-05010000Managing recovery and non recovery of Centrelink debts
107-05010010Outbound debt recovery process
107-05010020Debt Recovery general information
107-05010030Delegations of managing debt
107-05010040Roles and quality service standards for Debt Management Officers (DMOs)
107-05010050Safeguarding customer privacy when raising and recovering debts
107-05010060Tax agents authority to enquire on behalf of customers
107-05010070Cost effectiveness when recovering debts
107-05010080Gathering and substantiating information when recovering debts
107-05010090Tax File Number Declaration Form (TDF) Debtor matching reviews
107-05010100Negotiation of debt repayments with customers
107-05010110Financial Circumstance assessment for debt recovery
107-05020000Withholdings for debt recovery
107-05020010Third party withholdings for debt recovery
107-05020020Procedures for non Debt Management Officers when arranging withholdings to recover debts
107-05020030Procedures for Debt Management Officers when arranging withholdings to recover debts
107-05020040Standard withholding rate table
107-05020050Arranging cash repayments to recover debts
107-05020060Voluntary deduction (direct debit) arrangements to recover debts
107-05020070Discounting arrangements for recovery of debts
107-05030000Reviewing cash instalment and withholding arrangements
107-05030010Reviewing a cash instalment arrangement for recovering a debt
107-05030020Reviewing a withholding arrangement for recovering a debt
107-05030030Statement of Debt
107-05030040Reviewing a cash or withholding arrangement
107-05040000Managing broken recovery arrangements for Centrelink debts
107-05040010Actioning broken regular/irregular cash arrangements
107-05040020Actioning broken voluntary deduction (direct debit) arrangements
107-05040030Actioning broken garnishee recovery arrangements
107-05040050Actioning broken agency recovery arrangements
107-05050000Placing garnishees for Centrelink debts
107-05050010Garnishee of continuing income to recover debts
107-05050020Financial Institution (FI) garnishees to recover debts
107-05050030Compensation garnishees to recover debts
107-05050040Tax garnishees to recover debts
107-05050050Other types of garnishees to recover debts
107-05050060Varying or ceasing a garnishee notice to recover debts
107-05050070Failure to comply with a garnishee notice
107-05050080Garnishee customer does not agree with decision
107-05060000Civil procedures to recover Centrelink debts
107-05070000Effect of bankruptcy on recovery of Centrelink debts

107-05070010What to do when a customer is bankrupt
107-05070020Is a refund of repayments payable to a bankrupt customer
107-05070030Deciding whether a debt was due to fraud for a bankrupt customer
107-05070040What to do with Bankruptcy Act Part IX Debt Agreements and Bankruptcy Act Part X Personal
insolvency Agreements (PIAs)
107-05080000Recovery of Centrelink debts by other agencies
107-05080010Automatic referrals of Centrelink debts to an External Collection Agent (ECA)
107-05080020Re-referring debts to an External Collection Agent (ECA)
107-05080030General information about External Collection Agents (ECA)
107-05080040Recovery of debts via the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)
107-05080050Recovering Centrelink debts from customers living overseas
107-05080060Referring Centrelink debts to the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to recover
107-05080070Processing a liaison form, recovery of Australian overpayment from the New Zealand Ministry of
Social Development (MSD)
107-05080080New Zealand Agreement debt recovery – action for International Services (CIS)
107-05090000Special or unusual recovery action
107-05090010Recovering debts arising out of payments made after the death of a customer
107-05090020Recovering debts from a deceased customer's estate
107-05090030Recovery from mutually liable co-debtors
107-05090040Recovery from non complying garnishee debtors
107-05090050Recovering other government department (OGD) debts from Centrelink payments
107-05090060Recovering debts from organisations
107-05090070Raising and recovery of Savings bonuses for older Australians
107-05090080Recovery of GST Assistance Scheme (GAS) debts
107-05090090Recovery of One-Off Payment for the Aged (2001-02 Budget) debts
107-05090100Recovery of Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA)
107-05090120Recovery of Student Assistance Recoveries System (STARS) debts
107-05100000Charges and penalties for Centrelink debts
107-05100010Ceasing or adjusting penalty interest
107-05100020Late payment charge and interest under the Student Assistance Act 1973
107-05100030Administrative Charge on Social Security Act 1991 debts
107-05100040Recovery Fee applied to debts resulting from incorrect declaration of income
107-05100050Interest Charge (IC) for Centrelink debtors no longer receiving payments
107-05110000Non recovery of Centrelink debts, finalised 'no debt'
107-05110010Finalised 'no debt' (FND) or 'zeroing' debts that are not legally recoverable
107-05120000Non recovery, waiving Centrelink debts
107-05120010Administrative error waivers
107-05120020Small debt waivers
107-05120030Special and unusual circumstances waivers
107-05120040Reversal of waivers
107-05120050Late 2010 and early 2011 national disasters (flooding and Cyclone Yasi) Debt Waiver
107-05120060Effect of waiving a debt on the recovery fee
107-05120070Victorian Bushfires Debt Waiver
107-05130000Non recovery, writing off Centrelink debts
107-05130010Temporary write off of Centrelink debts
107-05130020Permanent write off of Centrelink debts
107-05130030Six Year Limitation Write off
107-05140000Adjusting, adding and refunding payments on Centrelink debts
107-05140010Adjusting payments on debts
107-05140020Manually adding payments to debts
107-05140030Refunding payments on debts
107-05140040Schedule of future repayment arrangements
107-05140050Refunding BPAY® payments
107-05150000Debt repayments made to the Department of Human Services not on the Debt Management and
Information System (DMIS)
107-09120000Raising student payment debts
107-09120010Student Assistance Act 1973 debts
107-09120020Raising Fares Allowance (FAA) debts
107-09120030Raising Financial Supplement loan (FSL) debts
107-09120040Raising Parental Income Test (PIT) debts for Youth Allowance (YA) and ABSTUDY payments

107-09120050Raising under 18 year old ABSTUDY payment to parent or institution debts
107-09120060Raising debts for students who fail to notify of ceasing studies
107-09120070Raising Family Pool debts from 1 July 2010
107-09120080Raising debts relating to the Family Actual Means Test (FAMT) for Youth Allowance (YA) and
107-17060100Departure Prohibition Orders (DPO)
107-17060101Issue a Departure Prohibition Order (DPO)
107-17060102Issue a Departure Authorisation Certificate (DAC)
107-17060103Revoke a Departure Prohibition Order (DPO)
107-17060104Vary a Departure Prohibition Order (DPO)
107-17060105Activation or retention of a Departure Prohibition Order (DPO) or Departure Authorisation
Certificate (DAC)
107-17060106Review or appeal a Departure Prohibition Order (DPO) or Departure Authorisation Certificate
(DAC) decision
107-17060107Substitute Departure Authorisation Certificate (DAC) return date
107-18040300Raising ISP debts for customers granted PPL and DAP for children born or adopted on or after 1
October 2016
107-18092721Waiver of debts resulting from the assessment of lump sum arrears of a reversionary income
107-19060301Child Care Subsidy (CCS) debts
107-19060353Raising debts in Process Direct
107-19060356Recovering debts in Process Direct
107-19060358Screens in the Debt Management Application
With respect, I am sure the Department is aware of the FOI Guidelines, specifically the section related to the
Information Publication Scheme.
Please initially consider this an administrative request for access to documents. If you aren’t able to treat it this
way, please consider it a request for documents under the Freedom of Information Act and the Information
Publication Scheme.
Please let me know if you would like to discuss this request further.
Yours faithfully,
Ben Fairless
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