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Customer requests access to their personal information 104-01010010
Check before releasing information
Any release of information that has been collected by the department under Child Support, Family Assistance, Social Security or Medicare legislation will need
to be assessed in accordance with the secrecy provisions of the specific legislation.
If releasing documents not supplied by the customer, Service Officers must check to ensure that it does not contain:
information about other people (for example, partner or parent details). Consent from the third party would be needed before releasing information
about that person. If express or implied consent is not provided, the person requesting the information should be advised why the documents cannot be
provided administratively. They can be assisted to lodge a Freedom of Information (FOI) request if a formal decision under the FOI Act is required
the identity of a confidential source of information
information received in confidence
If documents contain the full name of staff, direct contact details or other information identifying staff, and these details have not been provided to the
customer previously, then delete this material before release.
If unsure what information or documents can be released, the Service Officer should seek further information from their Line Manager.

Employees will have a choice about whether they provide their full name or only their first name in 
response to public enquiries, including in correspondence and face to face contact, unless legislation 
requires otherwise. 
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