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access application
Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009
Please complete this form to apply for formal access to government information under the Government Information (Public Access) 
Act 2009
 (GIPA Act). If you need thelp in filling out this form, please contact the Right to Information Officer on 02 9216 3500 or
Which of icare’s agencies are you applying to for information: (Please mark one box only)
icare NSW
Workers Insurance
Self Insurance
Dust Diseases Care
Lifetime Care
Sporting Injuries Insurance
01. your details
Other names
Postal address
Day-time phone
1.1 The questions below are optional and the information will only be used for the purposes of providing better service.
Main language spoken
Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
Do you have special needs for assistance with this application?
I agree to receive correspondence at the above email address.
02. proof of identity
When seeking access to personal information (including your own), an applicant must provide proof of identity in 
the form of a certified copy of any one of the following documents:
Australian driver’s licence 
Current Australian passport
Other proof of signature and 
with photograph, signature & current address
current address details
03. government information
Please describe the information you would like to access in enough detail to allow us to identify it.
Note: If you do not give enough details about the information, the agency may refuse to process your application.
It would assist if you could provide, claim number/ participant number/ date of injury/ employers name/ claim 
manager eg: EML, Allianz etc (if you are aware):
Are you seeking personal information?
04. form of access
How do you wish to access the information?
Inspect the document(s)
A copy of the document(s)
Access in another way (please specify)
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access application
Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009
05. application fee
I attach payment of the $30 application fee by
money order
(please DO NOT send cash)
06. consultation
The Agency may be required to consult with third parties before deciding your application. If the information you 
are seeking contains information about another person, business or government agency, we are required by law to 
ask whether they have an objection to the disclosure of their information. For the purposes of such consultation, 
please indicate in the boxes below whether you consent to the release of the following information to any third 
Do you object to this?
07. disclosure log
If the information sought is released to you and would be of interest to other members of the public, details about 
your application may be recorded in the agency’s ‘disclosure log’. This is published on the agency’s website.
Do you object to this?
08. discount in processing charges
You may be asked to pay a charge for processing the application ($30 / hour). Some applicants may be entitled to 
a 50% reduction in their processing charges. If you wish to apply for a discount, please indicate the reason:
Financial hardship - please attach supporting documentation (eg a person or Centrelink card).
Special benefit to the public - please specify why below:
Applicant’s signature
Please include your application fee of $30 when you post this form to:
Government Information (Public Access) Officer, icare, GPO Box 4052, Sydney NSW 2001
Note: if you email your application processing will not commence until icare receives 
a money order or cheque for the application fee.
General information about GIPA Act is available by calling the Information and Privacy Commission on 
1800 472 679 or visit the IPC’s website:
office use only
Date application received: ____________________________
File reference: ______________________________________
Date of decision: ____________________________________
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