This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request '“Australian Government Department of Health Clinical Pathway for Debilitating Symptom Complexes Attributed to Ticks (DSCATT)' -stakeholder feedback”.'.

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Department Reference:  FOI 1670 IR 
Ms Catherine Stace 
Via email:    
Dear Ms Stace 
The purpose of this letter is to advise you of my decision following your 
request for internal review of the Department of Health’s (department) 
decision to refuse access to documents requested under the Freedom of 
Information Act 1982
 (Cth) (FOI Act).  
On 27 April 2020, you requested access to the following documents:  
‘Australian Government Department of Health Clinical Pathway for Debilitating 
Symptom Complexes Attributed to Ticks (DSCATT), we request a copy of all 
directions and decisions given in relation to the inclusion or exclusion of 
stakeholder feedback.’ 

You were advised on 9 June 2020 of the original decision, made on 25 May 
2020, to refuse access to the document found in scope of your request. You 
asked for an internal review of that decision on 13 June 2020. You did not 
provide details on why you are seeking an internal review of the decision. 
I am authorised under section 23(1) of the FOI Act to make decisions in 
relation to Freedom of Information requests. I am writing to notify you of my 
decision on your request for internal review. 
In making my decision, I had regard to the following: 
  the terms of your initial request; 
  the original decision and reasons of 25 May 2020; 
  your internal review application; 
  the content of the documents sought; 

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  advice from departmental officers with responsibility for matters relating 
to the documents sought; 
  the relevant provisions of the FOI Act; and 
  guidelines issued by the Australian Information Commissioner under 
section 93A of the FOI Act. 
The document in scope of your request sits under the Office of Health 
Protection Division of the department. The objectives of this Division are to: 
  identify, analyse and prioritise health threats requiring national 
  prevent health threats through the implementation of national 
strategies and effective regulation; 
  support national health readiness through the development of plans, 
capacities and capabilities; and 
  coordinate health responses to emergencies and other threats. 
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and re-allocation of resources from the 
Division to address issues arising from the pandemic, the department is still 
undertaking work regarding matters raised in the document found to be in 
scope of your request. As the document is a draft, premature disclosure of the 
information in the document at this time could reasonably be expected to 
prejudice the effective development of policy and undermine the integrity of 
the decision making process of the department by not properly considering 
advice and recommendations. For this reason, section 47C of the FOI Act has 
been applied to exempt the document in full. Once issues raised in the 
document have been thoroughly considered and finalised in the coming 
months, the decision on the topic will be publicly released. 
In addition, the draft document contains information concerning a third 
party. Release of the document could unreasonably and adversely affect the 
business affairs of the third party by disclosing their business and financial 
information; and impact ongoing relationships between the third party and 
the department. As a result, section 47G of the FOI Act has also been applied 
to exempt the document in full. 
Upon review of the initial decision, I have decided sections 47C and 47G of 
the FOI Act still apply to the document for the reasons above and set out in 
the initial decision. I am therefore refusing access to the document in its 
entirety under sections 47C and 47G of the FOI Act. 
Review rights 
If you are dissatisfied with my decision, you may apply for an Australian 
Information Commissioner (Information Commissioner) review of the 

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Information Commissioner Review 
Under section 54L of the FOI Act, you may apply to the Information 
Commissioner to review my decision. An application for review must be 
made in writing within 60 days of this notice (if you do not request an internal 
The Information Commissioner can be contacted by: 
Phone: 1300 363 992 
More about the Information Commissioner review is available on the Office of 
the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) website at  
You may also make a complaint to the Information Commissioner about 
action taken by the department in relation to your application. Further 
information can be obtained from the OAIC website. 
Relevant provisions 
The FOI Act, including the provisions referred to in this letter, can be accessed 
from the Federal Register of Legislation website:  
If you require clarification of any of the matters discussed in this letter, you 
should contact Freedom of Information Unit on (02) 6289 1666 or at  
Yours sincerely 
Sarah Norris 
A/g First Assistant Secretary 
Office of Health Protection Division 
  1 July 2020