This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Kardinya South Underground Power project'.

Underground Power Projects in the City of Melville 
Please note although a suburb may be listed eg Bicton in Round Two it does not mean the 
whole suburb was completed in that round.  This list needs to be read in conjunction with the 
map provided indicating the underground power status of different areas. 
Pilot Project 
Round One 
No Projects 
Round Two 
Mt Pleasant/Booragoon 
Keith McWhae
Round Three 
No Projects 
Round Four 
- 20200040 
Attadale South 
Attadale North 
Mt Pleasant North 
Round Five 
Ardross East 
Melville South 
Bicton North 
Round Six 
- City of Melville 
Alfred Cove East 
Melville North 
Kardinya South