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Power Program
Attadale South Project Newsletter
July 2010
- Keith 
A Message From The Mayor
I am delighted that Attadale South 
residents will now receive underground 
power as part of round four of the 
- 20200040 
Underground Power Program.
The State Government through the Office 
of Energy has agreed to proceed with the 
Attadale South project following a positive 
Melville response to the August 2009 survey of 
property owners in the project area.
There are practical, aesthetic and increased safety benefits 
resulting from the undergrounding of the overhead power supply. 
- City 
These benefits are already being enjoyed by City of Melville 
residents in Applecross, Mount Pleasant and sections of Bicton and 
Booragoon that have previously received underground power.
The City of Melville is very supportive of underground power and its 
benefits which include more reliable power supplies, streetscape 
enhancements and a safer and more secure environment resulting 
from improved street lighting.
In this newsletter you will find information on the Attadale South 
Project and also the funding arrangements for cost recovery from 
property owners in the project.
We look forward to the successful implementation of underground 
power in Attadale South and thank you in advance for your 
patience and understanding while the works are in progress.
Mayor Russell Aubrey 
City of Melville
SB 10 02296 COM

The Underground Power Program in Attadale South is a partnership 
Information About The Project
between the State Government (through the Office of Energy), 
Western Power and the City of Melvil e, to improve residential 
There will be a series of Advices delivered to each property as the 
amenity and security of power supply. 
various stages of the work commence. Each Advice will have information 
The works to underground the power supply to the areas of Attadale 
about the work and the contractor’s phone number so queries can be 
shown on the attached map, will commence in July 2010. The work 
dealt with quickly. In addition to this Newsletter, there wil  be updates 
wil  proceed continuously through the project area to minimise the 
in local newspapers and a Changeover Newsletter delivered to all 
impact on occupiers and enable the re-instatement of verges and 
Property Owners and Occupiers shortly before changeovers take place 
property as quickly as possible. 
with details of changeover, street light instal ation and demolition of the 
existing overhead system. It is important that you read the information 
The anticipated timetable for each stage of the work is shown in the 
provided to understand how the work wil  be done and who to contact if 
table on the back page of this brochure.
you have any queries about the work.
Payment Options 
The cost to property owners will be included with the 2010/2011 rate notices along with various payment options. Rebates may be available for pensioners and 
seniors. The cost of the project will be charged over the 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 financial years, to more closely align with the project timetable and will be
itemised on the rate notices for those years.  This, and the availability of payment arrangements where required, should assist ratepayers in the repayment.
Property Service Installation 
- Keith 
A new underground cable wil  be instal ed from the front boundary 
to the metre box of each property that presently has an overhead 
connection. A Property Service Installation Advice wil  be delivered 
to the property a few days beforehand and the work should only 
take a day or two. The cable is instal ed using underground dril ing 
technology to minimise the impact on front gardens. It usually runs 
from where the Connection Pil ar is to be instal ed, to the nearest point 
of the building, up in the cavity or external y to the roof space, across 
- 20200040 
the ceiling, then down to the rear of the metre panel. Both ends of the 
cable remain unconnected until changeover takes place.
Street Services Installation
Melville  Power cables will be installed under the verge in each street using 
directional dril ing to minimise any impact. Some minor excavation 
in verges are necessary for the dril ing process, cable jointing and 
the connection of Pillars to the system.  Most Street Services work, 
including verge re-instatements, should be completed within 21 days, 
however work may take longer near equipment cabinets or on street 
- City 
corners. Occupiers will be advised of any restrictions on access 
to their properties or any necessary street closures. A Street 
Services Installation Advice wil  be delivered to the 
property a few days before this work commences.
Project Area
Underground Power Program
Attadale South Project Area Work Flow

Connection Pillars
These will be either a green mini pillar or a slightly larger universal 
pillar and they are installed as part of the Street Services work. Each 
Connection Pillar must be located just inside the front boundary 
of private property, usually in a front corner, and in every second 
property wherever possible so it can serve two properties. The 
locations of all the Connection Pillars are the most appropriate in 
terms of the existing infrastructure and ease of installation of the 
Property Service.
Approximately 10% of the connection pillars are universal pillars and 
form an integral part of the system. 
Completion of Cable  
Installation Work

After the cable installation work has been completed, a Completion 
Advice (Cable Installation) will be delivered to each property. It will 
confirm that the work is complete in and around the property. This 
advice wil  ask residents to check their reticulation systems and 
- Keith 
the area around the work and advise the relevant contractor of any 
repairs needed.
Re-instatements and Repairs
This Project requires major civil works and even with the non-invasive 
methods used, some verge and front garden disruption will occur. 
- 20200040 
To assist the process, all verges and work areas will be video taped 
before work commences. 
Property Owners/Residents should direct any requests to the relevant 
contractor, as they are responsible for all re-instatements and repairs 
Melville  and have all the appropriate resources. The various Advices delivered 
during the project will contain the contractor’s contact details. 
Property Owners/Residents can always contact Western Power or the 
City of Melville on the numbers listed below if they are not satisfied 
with the contractor’s response.
- City 
Property Owners/Residents will not be reimbursed for work done by 
any other party to reinstate or repair damage caused by the contractor 
during the work without the contractor’s prior authorisation. Property 
Owners/Residents are encouraged to carry out minor re-instatements 
or repairs if they wish, provided no reimbursement is sought. The 
contractors reserve the right to charge for time taken to investigate 
complaints that are subsequently shown to be clearly unrelated to the 
underground power work.
The new lights are typical y located one metre from the edge of 
the roadway and where possible are placed on the extensions of 
side boundaries of properties and are general y alternated to both 
sides of the road. Their locations are often very different to the old 
lights as the layout is designed to conform to the relevant Australian 
Standard. Queries relating to streetlight positions should be directed 
to the City of Melville. Most of the new lights will be erected and 
switched on in stages as the new circuits are energized. However 
it may be that some lights cannot be erected until the existing 
overhead system is removed.

Decommissioning and Removal of The 
Overhead System.
This will take place after the properties connected to the overhead system 
have been changed to the new underground system. The timing of this will be 
dependant on power supply security and will occur in stages throughout  
the project.
Transmission Lines
There are no Western Power transmission lines in the project area. 
All overhead wires and poles in the project area will be demolished.
Anticipated Timetable
The work wil  commence in the vicinity of Burke Drive and Lentona 
Rd and proceed through the Project area in the direction shown on 
the map.
- Keith 
Property Service Installation  
July 10 
–   July 11
Street Services Installation 
July 10 
–   July 11
Street Light Installation 
November 11  –  December 11 
Change over to Underground 
December 10  –  December 11
Removal of Overhead System 
February 11  –  December 11
- 20200040 
The above dates are indicative only and intended as a guide to when 
the various work stages will occur. Technical constraints may require 
changes to some dates as the project proceeds and you will be 
advised of these if necessary.
For additional information about the Underground Power Program 
please go to
Contact Details
- City 
Western Power - Tony Moore or Stephen Phelan-Hollatz 
Ph: 9219 2004
City of Melville – Roy Bailey City of Melville
Ph: 9364 0674  
This project wil  greatly improve the overal  amenity of the area and 
bring significant benefits in terms of safety, security and continuity of 
supply. We assure you of our commitment to carry out the work with 
as little impact on property and occupiers as possible, and ask for 
your cooperation and tolerance.
SB 10 02296 COM