This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Non-ASL public service staff'.

Position Description 321 unique titles 
Administration Officer 
Administrative Assistant 
Assistant Director Clinical Coordination 
Assistant Director Clinical Operations 
Assistant Director Operations 
Assistant Regional Manager 
Audiology Adviser 
Campaign Officer 
Case Coordinator 
Case Worker and Counsellor 
Case Worker Clinician 
Change Manager 
Chiropractic Adviser 
Claims Assessor 
Client Contact Officer 
Client Service Officer 
Clinical Case Manager 
Clinical Practice Improvement Officer 
Clinical Quality & Assurance Manager 
Communications Officer 
Community and Peer Advisor Family 
Community Engagement Coordinator 
Community Nursing Adviser 
Community Support Adv NSW ACT 
Community Support Adviser 
Community Support Advisor 
Compensation Accounts Processor 
Compensation Medical Adviser 
Compensation Medical Advisor 
Complex Case Manager 
Content Writer 
Contract Counsellor 
Contracted Medical Advisor 
Counseller and Case Manager 
Counsel or 
Counsellor / Case Worker 
Counsellor Case Coordinator 
Counsellor Case Manager 
Counsellor Case Worker 
Counsellor/Case Coordinator 
Data Engineer 
Dental Adviser 
Editorial Reviewer 

Executive Assistant 
Exercise Physiology Adviser 
Exercise Physiology Advisor 
Expert Writer 
External Contractor 
General Finance Officer 
Group Program Coordinator 
Health Promotion Advisor 
Health Support Officer 
Household Services Support Officer 
Incapacity Payments Delegate 
Insurance Adviser 
Insurance Advisor 
Insurance Assistant 
Intake Clinician 
Mailroom Officer 
Medical Advisor 
Medical Pharmaceutical Advisor 
Medical Research Officer 
Medical/Pharmaceutical Advisor 
Mental Health Adviser 
MyService Support Officer 
Nursing Adviser 
Nursing Clinical Advisor 
Occupational Therapy Adviser 
Official Commems Provisioning Officer 
Optometry Adviser 
Orthotist Clinical Advisor 
Outreach Program Coordinator 
Parliamentary Coordinator 
Payment Officer 
Payments Officer 
Pharmaceutical Programs Officer 
Pharmacy Adviser 
Physiotherapy Adviser 
Podiatry Adviser 
Processing Officer 
Procurement Officer 
Program officer Sector Engage 
Programme Support Officer 
Project and Change Manager 
Project Officer 
Project Support Officer 
Property and Project Officer 
Psychology Adviser 
Record Services Officer 
Records Services Officer 
Recruitment Project Officer 
Registration Officer 

Rehab Admin Support Team 
Rehabilitation Advisor 
Rehabilitation and Counselling Advisor 
Rehabilitation Delegate 
Security Administrator 
Senior Business Support Officer 
Senior Finance Officer 
Senior Medical Adviser 
Senior Medical Advisor 
Service Support Officer 
Snr Business Support Officer 
Social Media Officer 
Social Work Adviser 
Social Worker 
Speech Pathology Adviser 
Subsidy Adviser 
Subsidy Advisor 
Technical Writer Data Management 
Veterans Card Admin 
Visual Developer