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Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2020 06:43:39 +0000
Subject: Re: Notice of charges - LEX 66717 [SEC=OFFICIAL]
From: John Smith <[FOI #6571 email]>
To: Freedom of Information <[Department of Industry, Innovation and Science request email]>

Dear Freedom of Information,

I seek a fee waiver of this FOI request.

The extent to which labour hire services are used in the public service is a matter that has been discussed by many outlets, in both the mainstream and independent media.

Further clarity on the degree to which labour hire employees are being used throughout government departments, (both Commonwealth and State) is of interest to a substantial section of the public.

Information about the number of labour hire employees working APS-equivalent roles, is not currently available within your department's annual reports. That is why this FOI request about which roles are being filled by labour hire is necessary.

To substantiate this point, let me point out a number of recent articles written about public sector use of labour hire:

Sydney Morning Herald:

ABC News:

Michael West Media:

It is also a topic that has been of interest to the CPSU, a union that represents a substantial section of the public (namely, public servant union members)

In light of the above, please waive the fee associated with this request; on the ground that this is a public interest inquiry.

Yours sincerely,

John Smith

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Dear Mr Smith

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