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Date: Thu, 06 May 2021 10:24:04 +0000
Subject: TRIM: Internal review of Freedom of Information request - aggregate report of COVID-19 Co-morbidities
From: J M <>
To: FOI <>

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Dear FOI,

In response to your question - all of which bare relevance to this email chain.

This includes:
1958 submitted 10 September 2020
2033 submitted 13 October 2020
2045 submitted 8 February 2021

If the department requires seperate lodgement for review for each of the preceeding FOIA requests - I kindly ask that the department take all steps reasonable required to lodge each request for review seprately. That is - the department has permission on my behalf to take whatever steps are necessary to make sure all requests are reviewed either individually or as a whole.

I'm under the assumption that the aforementioned requests have a unique inherent value when treated amalgam, related to my personal experience whilst liasing with the department.

Furthermore, as far as I'm aware, the "" website, of which I am, and have been using, to communicate, treats the previously mentioned requests as a singular request, not as a multiple, and therefore I believe all aforementioned requests hold significant value pertinent to my experience with the department and its FOIA office relating to this email chain & all inclusive requests.

Yours sincerely,


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Attention: J M

We refer to your following request for internal review. We note you have
submitted the following three Freedom of Information requests in relation
to COVID-19 co-morbidities:

1958 submitted 10 September 2020

2033 submitted 13 October 2020

2045 submitted 8 February 2021

Could you please advise which FOI request you are seeking the department
to review.

Please provide a response to the department by COB 10 May 2021.

Kind regards

FOI Officer

FOI and Legislation Support Section


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