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Tuesday, 13 October 2020 9:47:55 PM
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Dear FOI,
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I am dissatisfied with the outcome of my request. Furthermore, the
links provided were not an alternative source of the information requested.
I am choosing to clarify the nature of my request as the following sentence from your reply implies incorrectly
that I am requesting a specific document for release:
"the department does not hold THE DOCUMEMT referred to in your request."
Referring back to my original request:
"I am requesting a SUMMARY REPORT of all.."
I recognise that my request may have implied that a document may already exist, but I was actually asking for a
summary that did not, unless it did exist.
As a consequence of this mix-up, I am now clarifying my request to access all, or as many of the following as
1. Any internal documents regarding co-morbidities pertinent to COVID-19 death/s.
2. Any internal documents regarding contributing factors pertinent to COVID-19 death/s.
3. Any internal documents regarding aggregated statistics pertinent to contributing factors AND/OR co-
morbidities related to COVID-19 deaths.
4. Any internal documents regarding aggregated statistics pertinent to COVID-19 deaths.
under the Freedom of Information Act 1982
5. Any internal documents regarding statistical analysis of COVID-19 deaths.
6. Any internal documents regarding the analysis of COVID-19 deaths.
If any or all of the above are not available to this department, I would respectfully ask that you transfer this
request to the most relevant department.
Again, I would like to reiterate the importance of this request to the public. Citizens are dying - and the
analytics currently available to the public regarding deaths are not sufficient enough for an individual to
personally assess their own risk of death due to contraction and subsequent infection of the COVID-19 virus.
It is imperative that every Australian citizen know as much as possible about the lifestyles of the individuals
who have died as a result of the virus for them to be able to modulate and amend their own lifestyles in a way
that can statistically reduce their chances of death - none of this is possible without knowing what other
diseases/health problems/contributing factors were attributed to the unfortunate deaths of the citizens which
have already died from the virus.
I find it hard to believe the Health Department do not have documents relating to the contributing factors in
COVID-19 deaths - this would imply that The Health Department are incompetent in regards to warning the
public, which they are obligated to protect, as to which demographic of citizens are most vulnerable to dying as
This document was released 
a result of contraction.
With this in mind, i feel it is necessary to release ANY and ALL publicly available information related to
Covid-19 deaths so the public may aggregate and analyse the co-morbidity data themselves, but I am
understanding that this request may out of the scope of a FOI request to this department.
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Yours sincerely,
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