This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'ICT 2270'.

Defence Reference: FOI 112/20/21 
I refer to the application by ‘ClearPsedudonym’ under the Freedom of Information Act 
1982 (FOI Act) for access to: 
“I am seeking technical/architectural/service & system design documentation and 
status reports to executives the Department holds about a project known as "ICT 2270 - 
21st Century Security Vetting" for the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency. 
In particular, I am seeking: 
[Item 1] Requirements documents provided to external systems integrators on the 
provisioning of the ICT 2270 system 
[Item 2] Approved (i.e. signed off by a DoD executive) overarching “System Design” 
and/or “Enterprise Architecture” document for ICT 2270 
[Item 3] Documentation/results of user research and Service Design consultations 
especially for the externally-facing ePack component. This document must exist, as for 
the project to meet Criterion 1 of the Digital Service Standard as mandated by cabinet 
(see MT15/0199/DTC) If this document does not exist, the exemption signoff will suffice.  
[Item 4] Any interim formal or self-assessments against the Digital Service Standard 
[Item 5] The most recent report provided to AGSVA executives and the AGSVA 
Governance Board regarding the progress of ICT 2270.” 

Personal email addresses, signatures, PMKeyS numbers and mobile telephone 
numbers contained in documents that fall within the scope of the FOI request, 
duplicates of documents, and documents sent to or from the applicant are excluded 
from this request. Defence has only considered final versions of documents. 
FOI decision maker 
I am the authorised officer pursuant to section 23 of the FOI Act to make a decision on 
this FOI request. 
Documents identified 
I identified one document as matching the description of the request, Item 5 - The most 
recent report provided to AGSVA executives and the AGSVA Governance Board regarding 
the progress of ICT 2270

I have decided to deny access to Item 5 of the request under subparagraph 47E(d) 
[Public interest conditional exemptions – certain operations of agencies] of the FOI Act. 

Material taken into account 
In making my decision, I had regard to: 
a.  the terms of the request; 
b.  the content of the identified documents in issue; 
c.  relevant provisions in the FOI Act;  
d.  the Guidelines published by the Office of the Australian Information 
Commissioner under section 93A of the FOI Act (the Guidelines); and 
e.  advice received from within the department from Chief Information Officer 
Group and Defence Executive Support. 
Reasons for decision  
Section 47E - Certain operations of agencies 
6.  Section 47E(d) of the FOI Act provides that a document is conditionally exempt from 
disclosure requirements if its disclosure under the Act would, or could reasonably be expected 
to have a substantial adverse effect on the proper and efficient conduct of the operations of an 
7.  I found that the documents identified contain Defence’s intended processes and disclosure 
of this information could reasonably be expected to prejudice Defence’s ability to properly 
conduct its activities. 
8.  The Guidelines at paragraph 6.120 state that “An agency’s operations may not be 
substantially adversely affected if the disclosure would, or could reasonably be expected to 
lead to a change in the agency’s processes that would enable those processes to be more 
9.  Taking the above into consideration, I have decided that the specified material requested at 
Item 5, is conditionally exempt under subsection 47E(d) of the FOI Act. 
Sections 47E - Public interest considerations 
10.  Section 11A(5) of the FOI Act requires an agency to allow access to an exempt 
document, unless, in the circumstances, access to the document would, on balance, be 
contrary to the public interest. 
11.  As part of my consideration on the relevant factors affecting the balance of public 
interest, I gave consideration to the objectives of the FOI Act, and the factors against 
disclosure as set out in the FOI Guidelines. 
16.  The Guidelines at paragraph 6.22 state that public interest factors against disclosure 
could reasonably be expected to prejudice security, law enforcement, public 
health or public safety 

could reasonably be expected to prejudice the management function of an agency 
could reasonably be expected to prejudice the effectiveness of testing or auditing 

17.  I have considered all relevant considerations, and I am satisfied that the expected effect 
of disclosing the document could, or would reasonably be expected to, have a substantial 
adverse effect on the proper and efficient conduct of the operations of the agency.  Therefore, 
I am of the opinion that the factors favouring denying access to the document outweigh any of 

the factors supporting its disclosure.  Accordingly, I find that on balance, the public interest is 
best served by not disclosing the document and by deeming the information exempt under 
subparagraph 47E(d) of the FOI Act. 
 joanne.groves Digitally signed by joanne.groves 
Date: 2020.10.07 10:26:03 +11'00'
Mrs Joanne Groves  
Accredited Decision Maker 
Associate Secretary Group