This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Vote Secrecy in 2020 Election'.

OSEV Check Process
Sequence Diagram
v0.6.0 2020-04-12
OSEV Check
Elections Officer
Election Configuration Phase
(username, password)
(success, authToken)
Get All Election Ballot Papers
Ballot Papers
Upload Election Ballot Papers
Save Ballot Papers
Live Election Phase
Login (username, password)
Response: (success, authToken)
PendingDeclarationSubmissionsCSV of
(VoterToken, Name, DoB, Address) and SubmissionsCSVSignature
Import to Tiger CSV and SubmissionsCSVSignature
Verify signature and query for matches
Tiger Export Electoral Roll matches CSV of
(VoterToken, IsMatch) and MatchesCSVSignature
ImportElectoralRollMatches CSV and MatchesCSVSignature
Verify signature and 
Save roll match status for Submissions
Response (matches saved)
Perform authenticity checks to
ensure voter has not voted by
another means
Perform further history checks
against returned not on roll
Admit/Invalidate Declaration Submission
Mark Admit/Invalidate against
Admitted submissions are ready
for export process via Vote
Storage System