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Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2020 08:13:31 +1100
Subject: Government Information (Public Access) request - Benchmark component reports
From: Policy researcher in Canada <>
To: GIPA requests at NSW Valuer General <>

Dear NSW Valuer General,

I make this request for copies of benchmark component reports that are representative for a variety of property types. This is for research purposes only so I don't need any private property information and am willing to accept any component reports which your staff believe are good examples or representative of a class. In the interest of clarity I will specify specific properties but I am willing to accept others.

Please release the most recent benchmark components reports for the following property types:

Urban rental apartment building. (E.G. property no: 3840773)
Retail shop. (E.G. property no: 1958880)
Suburban shopping center. (E.G. property no: 1400617)
Suburban single family home. (E.G. property no: 1409610)
General industrial site. (E.G. property no: 2463175)
Rural residence. (E.G. property no: 4151874)

Yours faithfully,

Policy researcher from Canada


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