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Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2021 06:17:01 +0000
Subject: CM: Re: Notice of Decision - LEX 68161 [SEC=OFFICIAL]
From: Lynn Los <>
To: Freedom of Information <>

Dear Ms Miliszewski,

At your earliest convenience, please confirm whether you have sought documents that fall into this category of my request: "If no audits/compliance reviews were performed, then please perform the same search but for all divisions."

In addition, please release under the Freedom of Information Act all documents that were created since the time of my FOI application LEX 68161 alerting (a) that your Department in breach of the PGPA Rule, (b) suspected willful misconduct, or (c) suspected criminal conduct to:

- the portfolio Ministers,

- the Office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions,

- the Finance Department and/or the Finance Minister, and

- the Office of the Attorney-General of Australia.

Finally, as part of this FOI application, please also release all documents that include the resignations of yourself as the head of Legal, Audit and Assurance, the Chief Operating Officer as your Head of Division, the Deputy Secretary responsible for Corporate & Digital, and the Department Secretary as the Accountable Authority.

Yours sincerely,

Lynn Los

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Dear Lynn

Please find attached correspondence in relation to your FOI request.

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