This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Zoe Naden authority to act as the Incubator Support Initiative Program Delegate'.

Date: Thu, 13 May 2021 00:30:37 +1000
Subject: RE: Your Freedom of Information Request - Section 24AB consultation notice (LEX 68432)
From: Menzies <>
To: Christina Graves <>

Let me get this right; my revised request as posted on Right to Know-
- meets your requirements insofar as you can waste my time by applying for extensions
- but falls short of your requirements insofar as you can refuse it at 5 minutes to 12?

Be that as it may, s24AB(7) requires me-
- to consult with you SUBJECT TO your notice
- to revise my request per s24AB(6)(b).

You can probably see where this is going, but your notice-
- requires only that my written revision is "addressed by email"
- by leaving it open as to who can address it.

- my revision was addressed by email on 23 April
- by Ms Jasmin Clarke who so kindly addressed it.

In other words-
- this issue is immaterial (you are clutching at straws)
- by virtue of being irrelevant (by beating around the bush).

You were privy to my revision, whether by email, website or telepathically-
- and insofar as this was sufficient for s15AB
- then it was also sufficient for s24AB(7).

I'm hot for these documents.


-----Original Message-----

Dear Menzies


Your response to the section 24AB consultation request was not received by
the department’s FOI inbox.


It is open to you to submit a new request to [1][email address] based
on the terms of your proposed revised request.



Yours sincerely,



Christina Graves
Special Counsel
[2][email address]
MinterEllison Constitution Place, 1 Constitution Avenue, Canberra City ACT
[3] Follow us on [4]LinkedIn and [5]Twitter


From: Menzies <[FOI #7167 email]>
Sent: Tuesday 11 May 2021 11:31 AM
To: Christina Graves <[email address]>
Subject: RE: Your Freedom of Information Request - Section 24AB
consultation notice (LEX 68432)


- In its application for the OAIC extention the department confirmed
receiving my revised request on 19 April.

- The revised request was only re-sent because it failed to reach your
personal address, not the department FOI inbox.

- Release the documents.


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