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Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2021 17:20:11 +1000
Subject: Freedom of Information request - CSC \ Military Super - PAYG Payment Summarys (FY 2021)
From: Trent Morrison-Francis <>
To: FOI requests at ATO <>

Dear Australian Taxation Office,

The CSC website currently states the following "If you are in receipt of a Military Invalidity benefit and you are claiming the Disability Superannuation Tax Benefit (DSB) the ATO is in the process of providing CSC with a formula to apply the DSB to the annualised figures in your PAYG Payment Summary. Once CSC receives the formula we will endeavour to have your PAYG Payment Summary uploaded and sent to you, and reported to the ATO, by 14 August."

Furthermore in a response the Australian Taxation Office in FOI request 1-PMJUMS7 clearly states the following "Also on 11 February 2021, the Commissioner of Taxation provided an exemption, to CSC, from issuing PAYG payment summaries that are required under section 16-165 of Schedule 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953 within 14 days, in respect of certain superannuation lump sum payments made to members of specified superannuation schemes. Instead, the CSC will be required to issue a single PAYG payment summary within 14 days after the end of the financial year to the member covering total superannuation lump sum payments made, total tax withheld and any other reportable components for the financial year. "

As CSC is claiming that the ATO is yet to provide the "Formula" to CSC required to calculate the relevant fields on affected veterans 2021 PAYG Summary's please provide the following documents that your agency has on hand
1. The notification to CSC from the ATO stating that they need a "seperate" for formula
to calculate the required fields on affected Veterans PAYG Summary's
2. Correspondence from the ATO providing the formula that CSC claims it requires
3. The formula that CSC claims it requires
4. Any document's held by your agency that supports that the ATO has provided approval \ exemption to issue the payment Summary and upload the EMPDUP outside the legislated 14 days required
5. All notes and minutes from any discussions with CSC and ATO in relation the Douglas matter.
6. Any other documents your agency holds that can support or refute either the ATO or CSC's statements in detailed above.


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