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Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2021 06:48:11 +0000
Subject: Freedom of information request 2922 – notification of receipt and request for an extension of time [SEC=OFFICIAL]
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Good afternoon


I am writing to notify you that the Department of Health (department) received four separate requests on 28 August 2021 for access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) (FOI Act) held by the department, Medical Services Advisory Committee, Advisory Committee on the Safety of Medical Devices and Advisory Committee on Medical Devices, being:

instructions, notices, evidence to support, in regards to the wearing of face masks by your internal staff and public that was sent to you from either the State or Federal Authorities in 2021

As all the above listed committees are contained within the department, the four requests have been combined and will be treated as one request to the department for the purposes of the FOI Act.

The statutory timeframe for processing your request is 30 calendar days within which a decision on access to the requested documents is to be notified. The department may impose a charge for the work involved in providing access to the documents. If this request attracts a charge you will be notified in writing.

Unless you advise otherwise, draft and duplicate documents, along with Commonwealth employee names and contact details below Senior Executive Service level and mobile telephone numbers of all staff will be excluded from the scope of your request under s22(1)(a)(ii) of the FOI Act.

Request for extension of time
As a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the department is dealing with a very high volume of FOI requests. To ensure the department can process your request in accordance with the requirements of the FOI Act, including locating and providing access to all relevant documents, the department would be grateful if you would agree to an extension of 30 calendar days for processing your request. If you agree, the department will endeavour to provide a decision to you by 27 October 2021.

Please contact the department by 4 September 2021 with your decision to the 30 day extension of processing time.

You can contact the FOI Unit via email at, should you have any questions.
Kind regards

Team Leader - Freedom of Information
Legal Advice & Legislation Branch

Legal and Assurance Division | Corporate Operations Group
Australian Government Department of Health
GPO Box 9848, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

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Subject: Freedom of Information request - Documents pertaining to or giving evidence in support of wearing face masks from state or federal sources

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Dear Department of Health,
I am requesting documents under the Freedom of Information Act that are containing: instructions, notices, evidence to support, in regards to the wearing of face masks by your internal staff and public that was sent to you from either the State or Federal Authorities in 2021

*Notes*: to keep the scope of the docs requested reasonable see below.
- by docs I am referring to communications ie emails, memos, minutes of decision meeting, guides, Q&A. that I expect your offices would be sent due to virus outbreak.
Such Docs would have been used to convey following info and directive or policy

WHAT the State & Federal Authority wants you to do regarding mask wearing WHY include evidence & reason why staff and/or public should obey mask mandate.
WHO these docs should show where they originated and be ideally dated also WHEN I am only after those docs covering this 2021 delta variant covid19 outbreak EXCEPTION - and finally what is permitted as Exceptions for staff and public including any advice on who is bearing responsibility should any legal claim arise from staff or public suffering harm from mask-wearing (risk management)

Given the ever growing global studies and verifiable results that repeatedly demonstrate that there is no scientific medical justification for enforced mask wearing. It is certainly reasonable that the public know what, precisely, the state and federal authorities communicated with your offices in regards to facemasks.

As it appears currently to have zero effect slowing the outbreak but does have negative health & mental impacts, I hope for a swift response.

Yours faithfully,



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