This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Number of approved citizenship applicants in Waverly Council, NSW awaiting a citizenship ceremony'.

Freedom of Information Request FA 21/09/01066 
The number of people approved and waiting to be al ocated to an Australian citizenship 
ceremony in Waverley Council, NSW. 
The number of people approved and allocated to an Australian citizenship ceremony in 
Waverley Council, NSW. 
As at 15 October 2021, there were 821 people whose application for Australian 
citizenship by conferral had been approved and who were waiting to be allocated to 
attend an Australian citizenship ceremony at Waverley Council (NSW). 
As at 15 October 2021, there were 45 people whose application for Australian 
citizenship by conferral had been approved and who were al ocated to attend an 
Australian citizenship ceremony at Waverley Council (NSW).