This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Advice about privacy impacts of contact tracing mobile phone apps'.

Our reference: FOIREQ21/00284 
By email:  
Freedom of Information Request – Our reference: FOIREQ21/00284 
Dear Concerned Citizen  
I refer to your request for access to documents made under the Freedom of Information Act 
(Cth) (the FOI Act) received on 12 November 2021. 
Your request was for: 
Please provide any advice provided to the Department of Home Affairs, the 
Department of Health, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, or the 
Digital Transformation Agency about the privacy impacts of contact tracing mobile 
phone apps including but not limited to COVIDSafe. 

On 10 December 2021 we contacted you to advised that the work involved in processing your 
request in its current form would substantially and unreasonably divert the resources of this 
agency from its other operations due to its size and broad scope (s 24AA(1)(a)(i) FOI Act) and 
entered into a request consultation period under s 24AB of the FOI Act.   
On 13 December 2021 we agreed to process the following revised request: 
"Any advice that the OAIC provided that compared the privacy protections of the 
centralised model that COVIDSafe adopted with the privacy-preserving approach of the 
decentralised model of Google and Apple’s Exposure Notifications" 

On 13 December 2021 we advised you that as your request covers documents containing 
personal information of third-party individuals, the timeframe for processing your request was 
extended until 10 January 2022. 
I am an officer authorised under s 23(1) of the FOI Act to make decisions in relation to FOI 
After undertaking relevant searches, I have identified 7 documents within the scope of your 
Access to edited copies with irrelevant matter deleted (s 22) 
T +61 2 9284 
GPO Box 5218  
1300 363 992 
F +61 2 9284 
Sydney NSW 
ABN 85 249 230 937 

The documents within the scope of your request contain material which is irrelevant to your 
request. The irrelevant material relates to information about the COVIDSafe app more 
generally that does not fall within the specific scope of your request.   
However, I have found it reasonably practicable to prepare an edited copy of the documents 
with the irrelevant matter removed. 
I have decided to grant you access these documents in full. The documents and schedule of 
documents are enclosed. 
Please see the following page for information about your review rights and information about 
the OAIC’s disclosure log. 
Emily Elliott 
Senior Lawyer 
10 January 2022   


If you disagree with my decision 
Internal review 
You have the right to apply for an internal review of my decision under Part VI of the FOI Act. 
An internal review will be conducted, to the extent possible, by an officer of the OAIC who was 
not involved in or consulted in the making of my decision. If you wish to apply for an internal 
review, you must do so in writing within 30 days. There is no application fee for internal 
If you wish to apply for an internal review, please mark your application for the attention of 
the FOI Coordinator and state the grounds on which you consider that my decision should be 
Applications for internal reviews can be submitted to: 
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 
GPO Box 5218 
Alternatively, you can submit your application by email to, or by fax on 
02 9284 9666. 
Further Review 
You have the right to seek review of this decision by the Information Commissioner and the 
Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). 
You may apply to the Information Commissioner for a review of my decision (IC review). If you 
wish to apply for IC review, you must do so in writing within 60 days. Your application must 
provide an address (which can be an email address or fax number) that we can send notices to, 
and include a copy of this letter. A request for IC review can be made in relation to my 
decision, or an internal review decision.  
It is the Information Commissioner’s view that it will usually not be in the interests of the 
administration of the FOI Act to conduct an IC review of a decision, or an internal review 
decision, made by the agency that the Information Commissioner heads: the OAIC. For this 
reason, if you make an application for IC review of my decision, and the Information 
Commissioner is satisfied that in the interests of administration of the Act it is desirable that 
my decision be considered by the AAT, the Information Commissioner may decide not to 
undertake an IC review. 
Section 57A of the FOI Act provides that, before you can apply to the AAT for review of an FOI 
decision, you must first have applied for IC review. 


Applications for IC review can be submitted online at:  
Alternatively, you can submit your application to: 
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 
GPO Box 5218 
Or by email to, or by fax on 02 9284 9666. 
Accessing your information 
If you would like access to the information that we hold about you, please 
contact More information is available on the Access our information page 
on our website. 
Disclosure log 
Section 11C of the FOI Act requires agencies to publish online documents released to members 
of the public within 10 days of release, except if they contain personal or business information 
that would be unreasonable to publish. As the documents released to you do not contain 
personal or business information they will be published on the disclosure log within 10 days of 
their release.