This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Number of welfare recipients who have died of Covid'.

Review rights 
Internal Review 
Section 54 of the FOI Act gives you the right to apply for an internal review of this decision. The 
internal review is conducted by a different person than the one who made the original decision. 
If you wish to seek an internal review of our decision, you can apply in writing within 30 days of 
receiving the department’s decision. In your request, clearly state why the decision should be 
reviewed to assist the person. conducting the internal review.  
Requests for internal review can be sent to: 
Post:  Freedom of Information 
Department of Social Services 
GPO Box 9820 
External Review 
Section 54L of the FOI Act gives you the right to apply directly to the Office of the Australian 
Information Commissioner (OAIC) to seek a review of this decision. 
If you wish to have the decision reviewed by the OAIC, you can apply in writing within 60 days 
of receiving the department’s decision. Applications can be made via their website at using their Review Application Form. Alternatively, requests for external 
review can be sent to: 
Post:    Director of FOI Dispute Resolution 
  GPO Box 5218 
  Sydney NSW 2001 
If you are dissatisfied with how your FOI request was handled, you may contact the department 
at the above addresses detailing your concerns. Should you wish to take your complaint 
further, you are able to submit a complaint to the OAIC via their website at 
using their FOI complaint form, or at the above addresses. 
GPO Box 9820 Canberra ACT 2601  
Email  Telephone 1300 653 227 
National Relay Service: TTY: 133 677, Speak and listen: 1300 555 727, Internet relay: