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Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2022 06:54:23 +0000
Subject: Freedom of Information request - List of hidden usernames on Trove - 2
From: Albert Frankaland <>
To: FOI <>

Dear National Library of Australia,

Under FOI legislation could you provide a full listing of all Trove usernames which have been hidden from being visible to the general public on the Trove Text Correction Hall of Fame. Could you also provide the total number of text corrections each of these usernames has completed as at 31 December 2021.

An example of a hidden username is Museumofperth, however I am aware of a number of other examples in existence.

Any correspondence between the usernames' owner and Trove / NLA and any internal memos, emails, or other relevant communications outlining the bases of each decision is also requested.

Yours faithfully,



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