This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'NBN Rollout Statistics as at 31st March 2013'.

Released under the FOI Act – NBN Co FOI1213/25 – Rollout & Activation Statistics – As at 3 May 2013(1) 
1.  Brownfield Fibre Rollout 
a.  Number of premises under construction(2) 
b.  Number of premises passed (able to order a service) 
At the requested date there were 71,400 premises passed, all of which will be able to 
order a service.  49,600 were able to order a service via an RSP at the requested date.  
The majority of the remaining premises are MDUs (multiple dwelling units) which will be 
able to be connected in accordance with NBN Co’s MDU processes. 
c.  Number of premises with an active Brownfield Fibre NBN service 
       2.  Fixed Wireless Rollout 
a.  Number of premises covered by an 'actively under construction' tower site(3) 
b.  Number of premises covered by active tower site (able to order a service) 
c.  Number of premises with an active Fixed Wireless NBN Service 
      3.  Interim Satellite Coverage  Number of premises with an active Interim Satellite NBN Service 

Figures are rounded to the nearest ’00. It is important to note that the figures were not available for the end of April 
2013 and were calculated on the basis of the week ending Friday, 3 May 2013. 

NBN Co does not report this metric. Calculated as “Construction commenced or completed – Premises passed”. 

NBN Co does not report this metric. Calculated as “Construction commenced or completed – Premises covered”.