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 The employer superannuation contribution made by the AAT for you is in addition to the 
daily fees referred to above.
Please indicate through the onboarding process if you have a pre-existing membership 
of the Public Sector Superannuation Scheme (PSS). 
The Public Sector Superannuation accumulation plan (PSSap) is the default fund for the 
AAT and, unless you nominate a different fund, is where the employer funded 
superannuation contributions will be paid at the rate of 15.4%. Please note that if you 
nominate a private, retail, or industry fund, the rate of contribution is (currently) 10% 
under the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992.  Also be aware that the 
Maximum Superannuation Contributions Base (MSCB), as administered by the 
Australian Taxation Office (ATO), may also impact the amount of contributions. 
If you wish to join the PSSap, please complete the Superannuation Standard Choice 
section during your onboarding process. The PSSap Product Disclosure Statement is 
accessible at:
Salary packaging
In accordance with the Remuneration Tribunal Determination you have access to the 
AAT’s salary packaging scheme. As an example, Airline Lounge Membership is an item 
that can be salary sacrificed. You can either commence new arrangements or renew 
existing ones. More information about this scheme may be obtained from our Payroll 
Manager whose contact details are at the bottom of this letter.
If you have any questions about completing our web-based onboarding process, please 
contact our Recruitment Team on 02 
 or email
If you have any questions regarding your employment terms and conditions, including 
salary packaging, please contact the Payroll Manager on 
Please contact the Performance and Development Team on 02 
 if you have 
any questions about professional development, including arrangements for your 
If you have any other questions, please contact your District Registrar, Julian 
Yours sincerely,
AAT Recruitment Team
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Member declaration regarding conflicts of interest 
Member name:  Graham Connolly
Date:  09 May 2022
Member conflicts of interest must be disclosed and managed effectively so that Members can 
perform, and be seen to perform, their duties in a fair and unbiased way. This form should be used to 
record potential conflicts of interest so that these may be taken into account in the allocation of cases 
to Members. 
Members may be considered to have a conflict of interest where: 

a representative or interpreter is a close personal friend of a Member - it is to be expected
that people know each other and socialise in the migration ‘industry’ so only close friendships
will be considered to give rise to a potential conflict of interest (noting that the conduct of the
Member in a hearing where they know a representative or interpreter will be important)

the Member was employed by the organisation employing the representative within the last
two years

the Member plays an official role within the same local community as the representative,
interpreter or applicant, or the local community to which the Member and representative,
interpreter or applicant belong is particularly small.
Members should advise their Senior Member and the constitutions team in Caseload Strategy Section 
of potential conflicts of interest through the completion of this form. The details of the relevant 
parties, the nature of the relationship that gives rise to the conflict, and the date at which the conflict 
of interest arose are required. Completed forms should be emailed to: 
A Member who has a conflict of interest in relation to a particular case that has been allocated to him 
or her, is required to notify the Division Head (copying in their Senior Member), as required by section 
14 of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act. 
Name of relevant 
Reason for the conflict 
Details (e.g. date of last employment, 
nature of friendship, nature and name 
of community, etc.) 


Senior Member/Division Head recommendation: 
Conflicts endorsed ?:
Other: --------------------------------------- 
Graham Connolly …………….   Signature…………………………………………….
Executed online by Graha Da te:……./……./……
24/04/2022 .