This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Network Boundaries - January 2015'.

19 February 2015 
Sent via email: [FOI #889 email] 
          Ref: 1415/33 
Dear Jxeeno, 
FOI Application – Network Boundary Information 
I am writing in relation to your request made to NBN Co Limited (NBN Co) under the Freedom of Information Act, 1982 (the FOI 
Act). In particular, you were seeking access to: 
A copy of NBN Co's network footprint boundaries as provided to Access Seekers through the NBN Co Notifications 
Site for all rollout regions currently classed as: Ready for Service, In build, Build Preparation. 
For your reference, I have determined that there are potential commercial issues that may arise if this information were released 
and, in particular, the potential release of prospective information regarding the NBN rollout. For that reason, I will need to 
undertake an analysis of those and other issues, as well as making a formal FOI determination. 
Advance Deposit Request 
In accordance with subsection 29(1) of the FOI Act, I have determined that you are liable to pay a charge in respect of the 
processing of this FOI request. NBN Co staff completed a preliminary assessment of the work involved in processing your FOI 
request and our company estimates the applicable charges as follows: 
Search and Retrieval Time 
0.5 hours @ $15.00 per hour 
Decision Making Time 
21 hours @ $20.00 per hour 
Copies of documents 
10 cents per page (Waived) 
$ -- 
Less first 5 hours decision making time(*) 
(*) In accordance with the Freedom of Information (Fees and Charges) Regulations, you have not been charged for the first 5 hours of decision making time. 
Please be advised that the estimate of processing time – and relevant fees – may increase or decrease, depending on the 
nature of the work required. However, you will be advised if the fees increase beyond the estimate outlined above. As the total 
charge exceeds $100, a deposit of 25% ($81.88) is needed to progress this application. Within 30 days of this notice, you are 
required to: 
  agree to pay the charge and forward the deposit; or 
  contend that the charge has been wrongly assessed, or should be reduced or not imposed (you should provide full 
reasons for your contention); or 
  narrow the scope of your request (which may reduce the charge payable); or 
  withdraw your request. 
If you fail to notify NBN Co in a manner mentioned above within 30 days of this notice, your request will be taken to have been 
withdrawn. In addition, if you contend that the estimated charge has been wrongly assessed, or should be reduced or not 
imposed, you must notify NBN Co of your contention, providing reasons, and evidence where relevant, to support your 
(02) 9926 1900 
(02) 9926 1901 
[email address] 
NBN Co Limited   ACN 136 533 741   © NBN Co 2013  

submission. In deciding whether to reduce or not to impose a charge, the FOI decision-maker will consider all relevant factors, 
  whether payment of the charge, or a part of it, would cause you financial hardship; and 
  whether the giving of access is in the general public interest. 
If you choose to contend that the charge has been wrongly assessed or should be reduced or not imposed, this will 
not constitute a request for internal review.  
You will be advised of your review rights under sections 53A and 54 of the FOI 
Act following consideration of your contentions. 
Once NBN Co has completed the processing of your request, the assessment of the charge payable will be revised based on 
the actual amount of work involved in processing your request. If you are refused access to any of the documents that are 
relevant to your request, NBN Co may not impose an actual charge that is higher than the estimated charge. This means that, if 
you are refused access to any document, the actual charge that will be payable will be lower than or equal to, but not more 
than, the final estimate of charges. It is only if you are granted access to all the documents that are relevant to your request that 
the actual charge imposed may be higher than the estimated charge. It is important to note that the payment of FOI processing 
fees does not guarantee access to documents or information. 
If you agree to pay the estimated charge set out above, or the deposit for that charge, you should make arrangements to pay 
NBN Co, using the following electronic banking details: 
Bank name:      CBA 
NBN Co Limited FOI 
Account no:       10240782 
Reference:        FOI-AYCA-1X13H4 
When making a payment, please ensure you include the reference FOI-AYCA-1X13H4 noted above
Please note that if you provide a deposit and the processing of your request progresses to a point where a decision on access 
is made, a determination about the imposition of the actual charge will be made at that time.  As a result, the balance of the 
actual charge will become a debt due to the Commonwealth, which NBN Co would be obliged to pursue, unless other 
arrangements are made – or if NBN Co agrees to waive the fees.  
As per section 31 of the FOI Act, the time limit for processing your request is suspended from the day you receive this notice, 
being today’s date. Please be advised that the charge notice day is not counted in calculating the processing time limit. For your 
reference, 22 of 30 days have passed and the processing time limit will resume: 
  On the day upon which NBN Co receives your deposit.  
  Alternatively, if you decide to contest the charge, the processing time limit will resume on the day upon which NBN Co 
notifies you of its decision not to impose a charge – if NBN Co so makes a decision.  
  In the event that NBN Co decides to reduce the charge and deposit is required, the processing time limit will 
recommence on the day upon which you pay the reduced deposit. 
More information about charges under the FOI Act is available in Fact Sheet 7 on the Office of the Australian Information 
Commissioner’s website:  and in part 
4 of the Australian Information Commissioner’s FOI guidelines:  
NBN Co’s Commercial Activities Exemption 
In addition, I refer you to NBN Co’s commercial activities exemption (the CAE), as per section 7(3A) and Part II of Schedule 2 
of the FOI Act. As you may be aware, documents that are in relation to NBN Co’s “commercial activities” are not subject to the 
(02) 9926 1900 
(02) 9926 1901 
[email address] 
NBN Co Limited   ACN 136 533 741   © NBN Co 2013 

operation of the FOI Act. For your reference, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (the OAIC) completed a 
review decision in January 2012 (the Internode Decision), which provides background and guidance as to the application of 
the CAE to NBN Co. The Internode Decision may be found by clicking on the following link. The OAIC completed an additional 
review at the end of July 2013 – the Battersby Decision, which further clarified the scope of NBN Co’s CAE or commercial 
activities exemption. While I am not making a formal decision, nor have I commenced a formal search for any relevant 
documents, there is a possibility that documents falling within the terms of this FOI request may be subject to the CAE, among 
other exemptions from release. 
Disclosure Log Notification 

In accordance with the FOI Act, NBN Co is required to publish documents provided to FOI applicants within 10 working days 
after release. The information you seek may be published in full (as released to you) or with some additional exceptions as per 
section 11C of the FOI Act. For further information, visit our Disclosure Log on NBN Co’s website. 
If you have any questions or need to discuss your FOI application, please feel free to contact the writer on Tel. 8918 5655 or via 
email on [email address].  
Yours faithfully, 
An Vo 
Associate Legal Counsel  
FOI, Privacy & Knowledge Management 
(02) 9926 1900 
(02) 9926 1901 
[email address] 
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