This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'NDIS - "Martin wants/doesn't want"'.

Our Reference: Response to FOI 21/22-1800 
FOI 21/22-1800 
Please provide a summary of how many times the statement "Martin wants", 
"Martin doesn't want" and "Martin does not want" are mentioned or cited across 
all NDIS records and communications since the CEO Marin(SIC) Hoffman was 
appointed on 4 Dec 2019. 
The NDIA has conducted searches and returned the following results: 
“Martin wants" – 5278 hits 
"Martin doesn't want" – 185 hits 
"Martin does not want" – 191 hits
Please note that these results would include any staff member or applicant within the NDIA 
with the name Martin. 
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