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FOI Request - FA 22/06/01384
1. Number of approved applicants waiting to attend a citizenship ceremony at Monash City Council
as of the 24th of June 2022.
2. Number of applicants who attended each of the last 3 citizenship ceremonies held by Monash
City Council.
1. As at 24 June 2022, there were 837 people whose applications for Australian citizenship by
conferral had been approved and who were waiting to attend an Australian citizenship
ceremony conducted by Monash City Council (VIC).
2. Refer to Table 1.

• This information is provided for the specific purpose of this request. Any other use of the
information provided wil  require consideration and clearance by Data Division.
• It is the responsibility of the area providing Department of Home Affairs information to external
stakeholders to ensure that the disclosure is in accordance with the ABF Act, Australian Privacy
Principles or other relevant legislation. 
• Regarding Immigration data, the Department’s current policy is to mask numbers which are less
than five as <5, noting we are reviewing the confidentiality method for the future.
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FOI Request - FA 22/06/01384