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Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2022 18:25:04 +1100
Subject: Government Information (Public Access) request - Time of a car accident my daughter was a passenger in
From: Shaun Ham <>
To: GIPA requests at NSW Police Force <>

Dear NSW Police Force,
Hi,My daughter was the passenger in a car accident I believe to be on 1/10/2022 at Orimber
Central Coast.Keira was one of six in the vehicle.
I was contacted by police,by my daughter or by the parent of where she was staying.
Knowing the time of this accident is very important to me as to know weather I can have trust.
If I could have the details of the accident which didn’t involve any other vehicle’s and six people in the car (seven seater)
So I request what ever information of this accident
That I can receive will be very helpful.
Keira Ham 16yr old.

Yours faithfully,

Shaun Ham


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