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Attachment A – Reasons – Internal Review: 
Freedom of Information Request No. LEX3489  
As a Senior Government Lawyer, I am an authorised decision-maker under section 23 of the FOI Act. 
Retrieval process 
To identify documents for your request, I arranged for relevant staff likely to be able identify 
documents to undertake a comprehensive search of the relevant electronic holdings used by the 
Relevant Documents 
With regard to the Relevant Document identified in the retrieval process, I have decided to grant 
access to an edited copy of the Relevant Document from which exempt matter and irrelevant 
information has been deleted under section 22 of the FOI Act:  
Material taken into account 
I have taken the following material into account in making my decision: 
a)  the content of the documents that fall within the scope of your FOI Request;  
b)  the FOI Act, specifically section 47F;  
c)  the guidelines (‘FOI Guidelines’) issued by the Australian Information Commissioner 
under section 93A of the FOI Act;  
d)  the FOI Guidance Notes, July 2011 issued by the Department of Prime Minister and 
Cabinet; and  
e)  the Privacy Act 1988.  
Detailed Reasons 
My reasons for refusing or granting access are given below. 
Section 47F – personal privacy (Documents 1-7) 
Section 47F of the FOI Act conditionally exempts a document if its disclosure under the FOI Act 
would involve the unreasonable disclosure of personal information about any person (with 
certain exceptions regarding the disclosure to a person of their own personal information). 
This requires the decision-maker to balance the public interest factors in s 11B of the FOI Act 
with the potential harm of releasing the personal information of an individual in accordance with s 
47F of the FOI Act. 
I consider that the public interest in releasing the contact details of these individuals is extremely 
low. I have considered the relevant factors in s 11B of the FOI Act, and the release of this 
information would not aid the public in scrutinising, commenting or reviewing the activities of the 
10 Mort Street, Canberra ACT 2601 P 02 6271 4411 F 02 6215 9999 

AEC, nor would it further inform any public debate on a matter of importance (s11B(3)(b)). While 
there is a public interest in ensuring that the APS is apolitical, efficient and effective, it is difficult 
to consider how the disclosure of individuals names promotes this purpose, particularly in these 
circumstances (see Warren; Chief Executive Of icer, Services Australia and (Freedom of 
Information) [2020] AATA 2557). 
I have also balanced this public interest with the consideration of whether this disclosure of 
personal information would be unreasonable. The disclosure of this information could reasonably 
be considered to prejudice the relevant individuals’ right to privacy.  
Therefore, having regard to the above considerations and the factors set out in sections 11 and 
47F of the FOI Act, I have decided that the balancing of considerations weighs in favour of not 
releasing the personal information in the released documents. I am satisfied that the redacted 
parts of the Relevant Document is exempt from disclosure under s 47 of the FOI Act. 
However, with consideration of s 22 of the FOI Act, I have prepared an edited version of the 
Relevant Document that redacts the sections that refer to the personal information of individuals 
and are therefore conditionally exempt under s 47F of the FOI Act. 
10 Mort Street, Canberra ACT 2601 P 02 6271 4411 F 02 6215 9999 

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