This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Evidence of Criminal Conduct by Nicole Smith Chairman of NULIS'.

Australian Securities 
and Investments Commission 

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Melbourne VIC 3000 
GPO Box 9827, 
Melbourne VIC 3001 
Tel: +61 1300 935 075 
Fax: +61 1300 729 000 
Our reference: 
30 November 2018 
Mr Phil ip Sweeney 
By email –  
Dear Mr Sweeney 
Freedom of information request – request for supporting evidence 
We refer to your email dated 26 November 2018 in which you requested a waiver of 
the charge pursuant to section 29(5)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI 
), on the grounds payment of the charge would cause you financial hardship. 
Please provide evidence of financial hardship to support your claim for waiver. 
To assist you in providing evidence, you may wish to refer to the fol owing Office of 
the Australian Information Commissioner website resources and guidelines: 
Fact Sheet 7: Freedom of information - charges 
FOI guidelines: Part 4 – Charges for providing access 
We must notify you of our decision with respect to your waiver request within 30 days, 
being the 26 December 2018. Given that 26 December 2018 is a public holiday, and 
in anticipation of ASIC’s shutdown period between Christmas and New Year, we 
intend to make our decision by 7 December 2018. 
For this reason, we request you provide supporting evidence by 5 December 2018 to If we do not receive supporting evidence from you, we 
may make a decision about the charge and notify you on 7 December 2018. 
If you have questions or wish to discuss this letter with us, please contact me on 03 
9280 4614 or by email at 
Yours sincerely 
David Asadi 
Authorised decision-maker under subsection 23(1) FOI Act 
Australian Securities and Investments Commission