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FOI ref: 2020/0070 
28 July 2020 
Mr Alan Ashmore 
Email: [FOI #6454 email]  
Dear Mr Ashmore 
Notice of Decision for Freedom of Information Request no. 2020/0070 
The purpose of this letter is to give you a decision about access to documents that you 
have requested under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).  
I  am an officer authorised under s 23(1) of the FOI Act to make decisions in relation to 
FOI requests.  
You lodged an FOI request on 2 July 2020 for access to 
I request the number of applications made to the AAT by veterans following the rejection 
of their claim by DVA and/or the VRB for the following period: 

1 July 2018 to 31 December 2018, 
1 January 2019 to 30 June 2019, 
1 July 2019 to 31 December 2019, and 
1 January 2020 to 30 June 2020. 
On 14 July  2020, your request was revised to: 
The number of applications lodged in the Veterans’ Appeals Division for the following 

1 July 2018 to 31 December 2018, 
1 January 2019 to 30 June 2019, 
1 July 2019 to 31 December 2019, and 
1 January 2020 to 30 June 2020. 
Lev el 6, 83 Clarence Street 
T: 02 9276 5000 or 1800 228 333 
National Relay Service 
F: 02 9276 5599 
GPO Box 9955 Sy dney NSW 2001 
E: f [email address] 
ABN 90 680 970 626 .au 

As  you requested  statistics that do not already exist in a discrete document, I  have 
processed your request under section 17 of the FOI Act. This means that I have used 
our existing computer systems to retrieve data from the AAT’s case management 
systems to produce a written document for you.  
As a result, I identified the following documents which fall within the scope of your 
•  Attachment A: Applications lodged to the Veterans’ Appeals Division of the AAT 
in specified periods as at 23 July 2020. 
I  have decided to release these documents to you in full. 
I have taken the following into account in making my decision: 
•  your email received on 2 July 2020    
•  the FOI Act, specifically section 17 
•  the guidelines issued by the Australian Information Commissioner under s 93A of 
the FOI Act.   
Your review rights 
Information about how you can apply for a review of this decision or complain about how 
we have dealt with this matter is set out in the attached fact sheet, FOI 2. 
If you have any questions about this decision, please contact me at [AAT request email]
Yours sincerely, 
Angela L 
Authorised FOI Officer (APS 6) 
FOI 2 – Information about reviews and complaints under the Freedom of Information Act 
Attachment A: Applications lodged to the Veterans’ Appeals Division of the AAT in specified 
periods as at 23 July 2020 
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Information about reviews and complaints under the 
Freedom of Information  Act 

What should I do prior to applying  for internal review or contacting  the 
Office of the Australian  Information  Commissioner? 

Before you apply for an internal review or contact the Office of the Australian Information 
Commissioner, we recommend that you telephone the officer who made the FOI 
decision. It is often possible to resolve concerns or answer your questions using this 
approach and, if not, the officer will be able to assist you in applying for review. 
How do I apply for internal review to the AAT? 
You can apply to us for an internal review of the FOI decision. The application for 
internal review must be made within 30 days or such further period as we allow, after the 
day the decision is notified to you. To apply for an internal review you must do so in 
writing. You may also wish  to explain why  you are not satisfied with the decision. A 
different and more senior officer authorised under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 
(the FOI Act) will conduct the internal review and make a new decision within 30 days 
after receipt of your application. 
If you have already applied for internal review and want to seek a further review of that 
decision, you will need to apply to the Australian Information Commissioner. 
How do I apply  for review to the Australian  Information Commissioner? 
You may also apply directly to the Australian Information Commissioner for review of the 
FOI decision. The application for review must be made within 60 days after the day 
notice of the decision was given. An application for review must be in writing, include 
details of how notices in relation to the review are to be sent to you and include a copy 
of the decision. You may also wish  to explain why  you are not satisfied with the decision. 
An online application form is available on the Office of the Australian Information 
Commissioner’s website, details of which are provided below. 
What  if I want to make  a complaint  about the handling  of a Freedom of 
Information request? 

If you have a complaint about the way in which we  have processed your request for 
access under the FOI Act you can ask the Australian Information Commissioner to 
investigate. An online complaint form is available on the Office of the Australian 
Information Commissioner’s website, details of which are provided below. 
Where can I find further information  or contact  details for the Office of the 
Australian  Information Commissioner? 

Further information is available on the Office of the Australian Information 
Commissioner’s website at and you can contact the office on 1300 363 
992 or by email at [email address].
FOI 2 (July 2016)   
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Attachment A 
Applications lodged to the Veterans’ Appeals Division of the AAT in specified periods as 
at 23 July 2020
Applications lodged 
1 July  2018 to 31 December 2018 
1 January 2019 to 30 June 2019 
1 July  2019 to 31 December 2019 
1 January 2020 to 30 June 2020 
Note:  The Administrative Appeals Tribunal is currently preparing our official 2019-20 Financial 
Year statistics. In the course of that work ,  very minor adjustments to statistics are possible. The 
counts given for the two periods covering the 2019-20 Financial Years are correct at the time of 
preparing this information. 

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