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Incident Detail Report
As at 08/07/2014
Description: Client has been regularly reviewed under the PSP protocols and is now reduced to Ongoing 
This incident can now be considered closed.
07/05/2011 03:24:36 
Created On:
Description: At approximately 0200hrs, Client s. 47F(1) was observed with what appeared to be blood on his left 
wrist. When questioned by Serco supervisor 
s. 47F(1)
, client s. 47F(1)  replied the he heard 
voices in his head 
s. 47F(1)

s. 47F(1)
 so client advised that 
he then cut his wrist with a razor 
s. 47F(1)
Client threw  the blade into a garden bed.
Supervisor  s. 47F(1) collected the razor from the garden and moved client to a sterile room with a 
serco officer,as a 
interim measure. Client was cooperative and conplied with instructions from suoervisor.
Supervisor  s. 47F(1) contacted IHMS Triage line and explained the situation, and was advised to 
place on PSP High Imminent and report back at 0800hrs for further assessment.
Serco Brisbane Duty Manager Bill Bunyan advised along with DIAC Duty Manager and Serco 
National Duty Manager.
The wounds 
s. 47F(1)
 and was dressed by Serco staff. Client continues to be 
compliant with instructions.
Further updates to follow.
s. 22(1)(a)(ii)
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