ACT Human Rights And Discrimination Commissioner

An ACT authority

The Human Rights and Discrimination Commission investigates and resolves complaints about unlawful discrimination and harassment that occurs in an area of public life.

People can make a complaint if they feel they have been treated unfavourably because of their:
* sex
* sexuality
* transsexuality
* relationship status
* status as a parent or carer
* pregnancy
* breastfeeding
* race
* religious or political conviction
* disability
* guide dog or other assistance animal
* membership (or non-membership) of an association of employers or employees
* age
* profession, trade, occupation or calling
* spent criminal conviction
* association with a person who has an attribute listed above

A complaint can be made if the unfair treatment occurred in the context of:
* employment (including recruitment and job agencies)
* provision of goods, services or facilities
* education
* access to public buildings
* accommodation
* clubs

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